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date: Fri, 9 Oct 2009 09:18:18 +0100 (BST)
from: "Agatha de Boer" <>
subject: [Oceanography] seminar and lunch with Herbert Huppert.
to: "Oceanography " <>,

Hi all,

Our met-ocean speaker for today (1pm Zicer) is Herbert Huppert from
Cambridge and his title is: "The grounding line problem: where ice meets
the polar ocean".

We will meet at 12 in ENV reception for lunch. All are welcome to join. If
you are late, you should be able to find us in the Sainsbury centre.


Dr. Agatha M. De Boer,
University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1603 59 3762

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cc: Keith <>
date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 07:26:36 -0800
from: Lisa Graumlich <>
subject: Re: NERC proposal
to: Tom Melvin <>

Dear Tom and Keith,

I'm happy to act as a reviewer and hope that the NERC proposal fares
well in the review process.

Keith, get better! This is a terrible time of year to be ill.

Best wishes,

On Dec 15, 2008, at 4:58 AM, Tom Melvin wrote:

> Lisa,
> Keith drafted a letter to you and is sick with flu at the moment.
> Attached is the letter and a copy of the proposal that we submitted.
> Tom <NERC_Graumlich.doc><Case_for_Support_final.doc>Dr. Tom Melvin
> Climatic Research Unit
> University of East Anglia
> Norwich, NR4 7TJ, U.K.
> Phone: +44-1603-593161
> Fax: +44-1603-507784

* * * * *
Dr. Lisa J. Graumlich
Professor & Director
School of Natural Resources
The University of Arizona
325 BioSciences East
Tucson AZ 85721
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cc: Keith <>
date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 21:15:55 +0100
from: Tom Melvin <>
subject: Re: Philosophical transactions
to: Kathreen Ruckstuhl <>


See suggested reviewer list in Keith's letter - Ed Cook, Brian
Luckman and Lisa Graumlich.

Is there a recommended ENDNOTE style for references in Philosophical


At 19:22 23/04/2007, you wrote:
>Tom Melvin wrote:
>>Attached is the promised manuscript in pdf format (suitable for review).
>>Dr. Tom Melvin
>>Climatic Research Unit
>>University of East Anglia
>>Norwich, NR4 7TJ, U.K.
>>Phone: +44-1603-593161
>>Fax: +44-1603-507784
>Brilliant, thank you! could you suggest 3 reviewers?
>Cheers, Kathreen

Dr. Tom Melvin

Climatic Research Unit
University of East Anglia
Norwich, NR4 7TJ, U.K.

Phone: +44-1603-593161
Fax: +44-1603-507784


date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 12:06:27 +0000
from: Tim Osborn <>
subject: Re: Nice job!
to: Lisa Graumlich <>,<>

Dear Lisa,

I'm glad that you enjoyed our paper. Apparently the feeling is not
universal (we've had fairly tough criticism already)! Still, at
least our paper is simple enough that most people should be able to
evaluate which criticisms are justified and which are not, without
needing a PhD in statistics.

Best regards


At 19:53 10/02/2006, Lisa Graumlich wrote:
>Dear Tim and Keith,
>It was fun to read your paper this morning. I appreciate your
>careful analysis and really great graphics. Thank you for your
>contributions in a time when solid science is needed and often maligned.
>Best wishes, Lisa
>Lisa J. Graumlich
>Executive Director, Big Sky Institute for Science and Natural History
>Professor, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
>Montana State University
>106 AJM Johnson Hall
>Bozeman MT 59717 USA
>406/994-5122 (fax)

Dr Timothy J Osborn
Climatic Research Unit
School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia
Norwich NR4 7TJ, UK

phone: +44 1603 592089
fax: +44 1603 507784


cc: Christoph Schar <>, Rahel Buri <>
date: Wed, 4 Jul 2007 14:52:13 +0200
from: Christoph Schaer <>
subject: Invitation to NCCR Climate Summer School 2008
to: Phil Jones <>

Dear Phil

Attached is an invitation for you to attend and
give a presentation at an NCCR Summer School to
be held in the Italian part of Switzerland in
September 2008.

Huw Davies and I recognize that the likelihood of
you being free and able to attend is smaller than
100%, but if there is a chance you should not
miss to spend a few days in a very attractive
part of the world!

We would much hope to have you as a speaker and
would appreciate to receive your reply as soon as
feasible. If you should have any questions,
please don't hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Prof. Christoph Sch�r
Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science
ETH Zurich
Universitaetsstr. 16, 8092 Zurich, Switzerland
Tel: 044 632 8199 (international: +41 44 632 8199)
Fax: 044 632 1311 (international: +41 44 632 1311)
Office: CHN L12.1


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date: Thu Oct 14 12:39:16 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: AR4 IPCC/blocking issue of 3.5 subsection

I would try and get this person involved, unless you really want to write the text
I would suspect she has only recently finished her PhD at ETH-Z, so it might be better if
you write the text using her and any other papers. My reason for suggesting Huw Davies
was that his text would be more usable. He's obviously passed the request on.
This was the only paper I could find in a google search with blocking and NH in, so it is
likely that there isn't much to review. If there isn't much then we should also say that.
blocking section will end up short, but this will leave space for other parts of your
to expand upon where much work has been done. There might be updated blocking indices
on web sites, if you know of good ones - even if papers haven't been written recently
(e.g. the Tibaldi/Molteni index).
This person (cornelia) will not be a reviewer of the draft. Those people will be of the
whole chapter
and we've already given the names to WGI.
At 12:02 14/10/2004, wrote:

Kevin, Phil:
I've just received a message from Prof. Davies whom I asked a recommendation for a CA to
cover the blocking issue (3.5.4) in the changes in atmospheric circulation subsection
(following Phil's suggestion in a message sent on 8th of October). The recommended
person is Cornelia Schwierz ( e-mail, ETH, Zuerich, Switzerland),
the first author of the GRL paper on blocking which Phil sent us, in the previously
mentioned message.
The time is pressing us and perhaps is a little bit late to start again the recruiting
procedure, I don't know. Another solution is to write myself the blocking paragraph and
ask for informal comments. I have already looked for and found some blocking articles
which can be useful. I wait your decision in this matter. Thanks.
PS In my opinion, Cornelia Schwierz may be a reviewer of the draft -- if the list is
still open to add names.

Prof. Phil Jones
Climatic Research Unit Telephone +44 (0) 1603 592090
School of Environmental Sciences Fax +44 (0) 1603 507784
University of East Anglia
Norwich Email


cc: Roxana Bojariu <>
date: Fri Oct 8 09:40:41 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: [Fwd: Re: IPCC AR4 WG1: will you be a contributor?]
to: Kevin Trenberth <>

Kevin, Roxana,
Apologies for a slightly delayed response. I've not heard of Fabio D'andrea either.
A search on google using blocking and NH yields the attached paper. Not heard of
the first two but have head of Huw Davies. Don't think Huw will do anything for us,
but he should be able to suggest some names for us - both in Switzerland and
I would suggest you contact him Roxana, and see what he says. His email
should be on the ETH web site. It is likely to be or something like
Another person who came up was Stefano Tibaldi, who I've met many times He's not
doing much research now, but his group in Bologna are. It would be worth contacting
Carlo Cacciamani ( or anyone in the arpa group in Bologna.

At 16:20 07/10/2004, Kevin Trenberth wrote:

Christophe says he will contribute but not on blocking. He has suggested someone, and
Roxana has some names also, but I don't know any of these people. Roxana, I wonder if
you can look at this person's papers and see whether either you can summarize them?
Any ideas on blocking in NH?
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: IPCC AR4 WG1: will you be a contributor?
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 15:55:36 +0200 (MEST)
From: Christophe Cassou [1]<>
To: Kevin Trenberth [2]<>
CC: Roxana Bojariu [3]<>
Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your answer and your advices. I will provide you and Roxana my
contributions according to what you had written.

As to Blocking, I would suggest to contact Fabio D'andrea
([4] that wrote few papers about it.



PS: say hello to the flatirons for me... I miss them.

On Wed, 6 Oct 2004, Kevin Trenberth wrote:

| Hi Christophe
| Thanks for agreeing to help. Jim Hurrell suggested you as someone who
| could help on NH blocking. In our chapter the emphasis is on the
| observed changes: in this case blocking. I am attaching a rough draft
| of section 3.5.1 to provide a bit more of a framework, and one of your
| papers is referred to there. As well as describing climate variability
| and change by variable we also want to do it by phenomena: hence the
| inclusion of storm tracks and blocking. Processes and mechanisms can be
| discussed insofar as they enlighten or pull together the observations,
| but this chapter is not about processes per se.
| I personally would welcome a short contribution on 3.5.1: up to about
| half a page: send to me.
| Also a contribution on 3.5.2 would be valuable: up to about a page?
| Send to Roxana.
| We have asked for contributions on 3.5.3 from Edmund Chang and Nakamura,
| but if you wish to also contribute, we can blend those together.
| And if you can contribute to 3.5.4, please do so: even if short and
| incomplete.
| Send those too to Roxana.
| Can you suggest someone else to help with 3.5.4 for the NH?
| Best regards and welcome aboard
| Kevin
| Christophe Cassou wrote:
| >Dear Kevin, Roxana,
| >
| >Thanks a lot for the invitation to be a contributing author for the next
| >IPCC report. I would be very happy to help you and participate to the
| >writing. The only concern I have is about the choice of the section I
| >have been assigned to. I am not really an expert in blocking, especially
| >its dynamical properties etc. For sure, my expertise fits in Chapter 3.5
| >but my recent publications deal more with 3.5.1, 3.5.2, 3.5.3 than
| >blocking. I am afraid that I would miss some very important aspects if I
| >have to write something about blocking and I would prefer to contribute to
| >the preceding sections, if possible. Thanks for your understanding.
| >
| >Have a good day. Best regards,
| >
| >Christophe.
| >
| >
| >
| >
| >
| >
| >
| >
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Kevin E. Trenberth e-mail: [7]
Climate Analysis Section, NCAR [8]
P. O. Box 3000, (303) 497 1318
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Street address: 1850 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder, CO 80303

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