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cc: elena.xoplakiatXYZxyzb.unibe.ch, Malcolm Hughes <mhughesatXYZxyzr.arizona.edu>, Ricardo Garcia Herrera <rgarciahatXYZxyz.ucm.es>, p.jonesatXYZxyz.ac.uk, Juerg Luterbacher <juergatXYZxyzb.unibe.ch>
date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 18:15:50 -0700
from: Henry Diaz <Henry.F.DiazatXYZxyza.gov>
subject: Istanbul Workshop
to: kahyaeatXYZxyz.edu.tr

Dear Ercan -

It looks like the first week in September is no longer a possibility for
this meeting. Both Elena, and Ricardo Garc�a and I are committed to
attending other workshops (Elena and Juerg in Switzerland, and Ricardo
and me in Spain).

The week of August 25, 2008 might work for many of us. What do you think?

Have you gotten any more information regarding possible local funding
support from Turkish sources?

A also note that there have been some interesting new paleoclimate
results from different studies that suggest very large climatic changes
and societal disruption around 4200 and 5200 BP in many parts of the
world. We may want to emphasize research results for these two time
markers, as well as MWP and LIA impacts, as possible scenarios for
future climate change impacts.




> Dear All,
> I have received some good news about our proposal to the MedClivar
> ESF. We will receive the requested contribution of the 6000 Euro.
> For the acceptance of the funding, an audited bank account is needed
> for the transfer of the data shortly before the workshop. I have
> checked with our university and we could use one of our accounts, I
> hope this is fine for you. Please comment on this.
> And finally an annoying matter is availability in September 2008. At
> the moment September is full with some overlapping as well. I wish I
> could participate during the whole workshop, therefore I would like to
> ask you whether there is any room for date modifications. Is there a
> possibility for August (week 35) or even October (week 41)?
> Unfortunately, 8-10 September is not anymore possible-Graduate School
> teaching.
> Best wishes
> Elena
> ==================
> Dear Dr. Xoplaki
> I am pleased to inform you that the Steering Committee of the ESF
> activity entitled 'Mediterranean Climate Variability and
> Predictability' has decided to support your Workshop on 'Extreme
> Climate Events of the Last 1000-2000 Years in the Greater
> Mediterranean Region and Their Impact on Cultural History' to be held
> on 01/09/2008 - 03/09/2008 in Istanbul, Turkey with a contribution of
> 6000 EUR.
> The ESF-MedCLIVAR Steering Committee invites you to note the following
> recommendations:
> - to arrange for a presentation of the ESF-MedCLIVAR Programme to be
> made at your meeting;
> - to highlight in your scientific report the relevance and value of
> your meeting to the Programme.
> You are kindly requested to indicate acceptance or rejection of this
> funding by completing the acceptance form at:
> http://www2.esf.org/asp/form/scmeetings/acceptance/login.asp
> In order to access this form you will be required to enter the
> following information:
> Password : whsehvsc
> Reference Number: 1721
> Following submission of your acceptance form an advance payment of 80
> percent of the total amount awarded will be transferred to the bank
> account indicated, normally 2 months before the meeting. The final
> payment will be made after the meeting, subject to receipt of the
> scientific and financial reports and the full list of participants.
> These reports should be submitted within 2 months of the event. Please
> note that any unspent balance must be returned to the ESF. Further
> information on accessing the report forms will be forwarded to you in
> due course.
> I would like to draw your attention to the following site
> http://www.esf.org/sciencemeetings where you can download:
> 1) �Guidelines for Proposers and Organisers of Science Meetings�
> 2) Information on Co-Sponsorship
> 3) Report Form
> 4) ESF Remit
> 5) ESF Logos
> It would be beneficial for the future evaluation of 'Mediterranean
> Climate Variability and Predictability' if you would clearly identify
> the Workshop as being sponsored by this ESF activity e.g. by using the
> ESF logo and ESF remit on the programme etc. Support of the ESF
> activity should also be acknowledged in any publications resulting
> from the event, and a reprint should be sent to the ESF in due course.
> Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.
> Yours sincerely
> Ellen Degott
> ESF Liaison Officer
> **************************************************************


Dr. Henry F. Diaz
325 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80305


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