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date: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 22:33:06 -0400
from: Michael Mann <>
subject: attacks against Keith
to: Phil Jones <>, Tim Osborn <>

Phil, Tim,

I only learned of Keith's recent health issues when I was talking w/ Malcolm today. Please
pass along to him my wishes for a speedy recovery. We need him!

Meanwhile, I suspect you've both seen the latest attack against his Yamal work by McIntyre.
Gavin and I (having consulted also w/ Malcolm) are wondering what to make of this, and
what sort of response---if any---is necessary and appropriate. So far, we've simply deleted
all of the attempts by McIntyre and his minions to draw attention to this at RealClimate.

any insights and/or advice you can provide would be extremely helpful. If you're
uncomfortable doing this by email, I can be reached most of the day at my cell phone
814-777-3136. Will be in a meeting most of the day, but can run out of the room as

I would think it is probably best not to bother Keith with any of this. He just needs to
get well, and I suspect it would be better for his wellness not to even know about this,

we expect lots more attacks like this over the next several weeks as the U.S. senate
debates cap & trade legislation.

thanks for any help w/ this.


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I asked RealClimate about this - I'll record what is said here. (Click on the images for enlarged versions). Here is the Real Climate post I asked on:

...and I was answered!

and I've asked a follow up....

...and that was 'answered' too - well it was more of an insult really - so I asked the question again. which there was no response - and my message did not go into the 'Bore Hole'.

...checking back later though did show an update to my earlier post, as shown below. is also interesting to observe that the comment numbering at RealClimate can change. The ZT posts that were published started as 366 and 379, but became 367 and 380. I wonder why this happens?

Of course, my questions weren't answered directly.

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