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date: Mon, 02 Jul 2007 09:48:06 -0400
from: Thomas C Peterson <>
subject: Re: WWR Volumes for the 1990s
to: Phil Jones <>

Hi, Phil,

A weekend in Greece sounds lovely.

I just double checked and no, there is no hard copy version of WWR
planned. There is a CD version available with software to bring up the
data for one station at a time, but no book.

Dick just told me that one of my concerns about ERSST verified while I
was in Aspen: the climatology used can make a big difference, not
globally, but in at least one particular location. So we're still
working at improving the product.

When I talked to the NWS, they said that the CIO of NOAA decided it
would violate privacy laws if they allowed the name and address of
observers be made public & the same is true of photos of the station if
it showed any of the observer's house or a well-known landmark. 'Tis
rough when we're attacked for following the law. One Congressman has
requested information about USHCN that sounds straight out of CA. He
requested copies of paper metadata. Our calculation is that this would
be a total of 65,000 pages of information (all of which requires us to
black out the observer's personal information prior to providing it).


Phil Jones said the following on 7/2/2007 5:43 AM:
>> Tom,
> Our librarian (who only works Thursday pm) wonders if there will
> ever be hard copy versions printed by NOAA. He is great at looking
> after our library, but I think he wants to fill in a foot of space with
> these books if they are to appear.
> I'm often getting my knuckles wrapped for putting books back
> in the wrong place !
> I see CA is getting a head of steam up with people emailing NOAA
> about IPCC and also about US HCN. There was on comment that was
> amusing and stupid. If a US HCN observer denies permission for CA
> to take pictures of the site, then the data should be withdrawn !!
> I see they are trying to get NOAA to say who withdrew the access
> to certain files with locations and observer names on them.
> By the way, I have got the paper - review will be friendly though!
> Got back from a weekend in Greece, talking to some politicians about
> climate change. Armed guards at Norwich airport on my return ! The times
> we live in......
> Cheers
> Phil
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