Thursday, December 1, 2011


date: Mon, 03 Nov 1997 18:25:44 +0100
from: Cherry Farrow
subject: kyoto -Reply

Hello Mike - two thinhs - we can help you
with politicians - our two parliamentary
(public affairs ) officers here are talking with
MPs constantly on this one - adn could
come up with a suitable list..ref CLimate
action Network - we're part of that umbrella
organisation. I know delia well (she used to
be WWF) and is now with them in Brussels.
Obviously, given the money we've
contributed to the process I would rather
that we release the letter to them AFTER the
press - that's how we would normally do it -
they will then go ahead under their own
letterhead - If you want to retain "neutrality"
then it would be better that they pick it up
separately than that you release it to them,
which would align you with 122 NGOs...but
it is right and proper they should have it at
some time....We can help you with the
database of journos of course - obvious
ones are Paul Brown, Nick Schoon, Charles
Clover, Fred Pearce, Geoffrey lean Jonathan
Leake etc., and Julian Rush or Andy Veitch
at Ch4 news - remember they have to "sell"
it to their news editors. which means they
need time to write the story too - if you
want a real ppiece with real analysis then
give them lead in time under an embargo -
and remember certain of them cannot be
trusted not to break the embargo (we can
tell you who!)...we ought to talk at the
beginning of next week perhaps?

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