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date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 17:03:07 +0100
from: "Rob Tinch" <>
subject: Re: [ngp-list] revamped leaflet
to: <>

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(1) What's the title for the leaflet? Shouldn't this part go on top?

Good idea, but the front side of the leaflet (which only some of you will
have seen) says:

The Green Party

Do you want:
(please tick all that apply)
* More floods
* More storms
* etc. etc.

The US President does ...

which is why the second side has to start as it does. They have adopted my
suggestions for the front side, by the way, so it will be a bit less floody
and a bit more sea level risey than the draft we've seen.

(2) How about "communities and individual people"? This way it sounds
like you mean "individual people and individual communities", which is a
bit odd.

Good idea, I will make that change. Any other comments? Speak now or....
Final version goes to Greg this evening.




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