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Press Association this morning. See esp end para.


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By Amanda Brown, Environment Correspondent, PA News
Green lobby groups are urging politicians to act now over wild
weather conditions, as Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott and
Environment Minister Michael Meacher prepare for major international
climate change talks in the Hague next month.
The gales and storms battering Britain ``are just a taste of things
to come'' according to Friends of the Earth.
The group says extreme weather worldwide in the last three months
has included storms in Taiwan, Brazil and Canada, floods in
Bangladesh, Japan, Vietnam and India, fires in the US, Italy and the
Balkans and droughts in Burundi, Croatia, Kenya and Iran.
Roger Higman, Senior Climate Change Campaigner at FoE, said:
``Dangerous climate change is already happening. The storms and
floods we are now seeing will get more frequent and more severe. We
desperately need cuts in the use of coal, oil and gas to prevent the
worst forecasts coming true.
``That means the Government must stick to a fuel price policy that
discourages the use of cars.''
World leaders will be under pressure in the Hague to agree a
complex set of rules for carbon trading to try to avert the climate
change disaster.
But leading climate scientists now agree that human pollution has
added to global warming substantially in the last 50 years.
The earth is likely to get far warmer than previously forecast
according to a summary of the 1,000-page final draft of new research
by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a United Nations
sponsored group of the world's leading scientists.
It has been sent to governments in advance of the Hague talks and
is expected to add to the urgency of the negotiations.
A major report on climate change, ``The Assessment of Potential
Effects and Adaptations for Climate Change in Europe'', by Professor
Martin Parry and Dr Mike Hulme, both of the University of East Anglia
and Dr Jorgen Olesen of the Danish National Agricultural Institute,
is due to be published in London on Wednesday.
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