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Dear Caspar, Gene, Scott, Phil,
I am attaching a response I've drafted to the Moberg et al paper (attached for those of
you who haven't seen it). The message is pretty clear and simple--their method
overemphasizes the low-frequency variability. To demonstrate this, I've made use of
stuff from Mann and Jones, and from the Mann/Rutherford/Wahl/Ammann J. Climate letter on
Pseudoproxies. So I would welcome any of you to be co-authors on this--just let me now
if you're interested. I've been in touch w/ Keith (he and Tim are potentially working on
their own independent response--waiting to hear further).
This is a very rough draft, so comments much appreciated.
Looking forward to hearing back,
Professor Michael E. Mann
Department of Environmental Sciences, Clark Hall
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22903
e-mail: Phone: (434) 924-7770 FAX: (434) 982-2137

Prof. Phil Jones
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University of East Anglia
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