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date: Sat Feb 15 13:51:14 2003
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Re: LEAD paper and MAGICC/SCENGEN
to: "xianfu" <>

A revised version is attached with a few tracked comments in blue. Note: the references
have no standard formatting - this needs attention by someone. Otherwise basically OK.
Let me know what LEAD will do with it.
John Ashton has cancelled his visit on 28 Feb. unfortunately - hopefully it will be
Keep me informed about Tom and MAGICC. The only reason I can think he says not to use the
SRES forced GCM runs is because he argues that the results from CMIP (all 1% p.a. forced)
give a "cleaner" GHG signal to pattern-scale. But the SRES forced GCM results are better
to use directly than pattern-scaling. There is also the complication of aerosols.
There are no "right" answers here - all of this involves approximations. Tom will always
want to do things his way - and for now he clearly wants to keep "control" of the model.
At 14:38 09/02/03 +1300, you wrote:


Hope all s well in Tyndall.

Attached is the paper we did for LEAD. They have sent me a version with reviewers
comments and suggestions for changes they are all rather minor, really. I responded to
a few of them but there are a couple I am unsure about. Could you please go through the
comments from reviewers (in either yellow or very light blue) and my responses (in
red)? Thanks. I hope this is the real final round of revision.

On MAGICC/SCENGEN: Tom Wigley has agreed to offer his version of MAGICC/SCENGEN and
technical support (largely through me) to AIACC community. He sent me some rather out
of date technical notes on what he did with this version. I am very confused by what he
was trying to do and what he commented on the SRES forced GCM experiments (essentially
he was saying that it is WRONG to directly use GCM outputs!). Also, from his
correspondences to Neil Leary which Neil passed on to me, Tom does not seem keen to
involve Tyndall in upgrading or distributing his version of the model. Anyway, I am
waiting for him to send me the software (which he is still debugging) and some updated
technical notes. If you wish, I could send you the technical notes once I have them.
Neil has asked me to do a tutorial on it at the Jo burg workshop since Tom is not able
to make it.

Slowly adapting to everything here but finding it hard at times to be so far away from
everywhere else and everybody else.

With best regards,

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