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date: Tue Mar 23 17:08:43 1999
from: Keith Briffa <>
subject: Re: tree growth analysis
to: David Peterson <>

I am really tied up at the moment trying to get some things done before I go away this weekend for a week. Can you please hassle me again in two weeks? Don't get the impression I am not keen . I am . In fact I have done a load more work on our network data - 400 sites round the hemisphere and I am putting something together for Science maybe. Also we have looked at many drought sensitive U.S. sites and found incredible apparent increases in basal area and mass paralleling the results of our multiple regional and hemispheric temperature sensitive data. We've also done elevation breakdown of the analyses in the U.S. data but find little effect with elevation. All of the data show a consistent continuing fertilzation of young trees but a levelling off post 1950 in all old ones - I have theories to bore you with. Get back to me. Great to hear from you and sorry about the rush
best wishes

At 03:50 PM 3/18/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Hello Keith--
>It has been a long time since we have communicated. I hope life and work
>are going well for you.
>Do you recall our discussion of several years ago related to growth
>increases in conifers (in Lund, I think)? We exchanged some papers at
>that time and agreed to keep in touch about the topic. Our lab has
>finally got around to some substantive analysis of tree growth trends for
>conifers in western North America, and it looks like there are some very
>interesting patterns, including the growth increase at high elevation
>which we suspected. The lengthy report you sent me seemed to corroborate
>this for European conifers, but I am not sure if you ever published that
>work elsewhere or refined the analysis.
>At this point, I would like to reconnect and ask if you would be willing
>to review our work on this topic. We are currently at the pre-draft
>manuscript stage, and are evaluating how much more analysis we should do.
>There may be a good story here, whether we publish this as is, or if we
>would develop it further and potentially expande the spatial
>scale--although I fear that some of the mechanisms associated with the
>growth trends may remain elusive. We could collaborate formally in
>analysis and writing if that seems appropriate. But more than anything,
>we would like to get some feedback before we proceed further. May
>we send you a summary of our analysis and preliminary write-up?
>I appreciate your time in considering this. Best wishes--
>Dave P.
>David L. Peterson
>Field Station Leader
>(Professor of Forest Ecology)
>USGS - Biological Resources Division Mailing address:
>Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center UW Field Station
>University of Washington Field Station Box 352100
> Seattle, WA 98195 (USA)
>Tel 206 543 1587 [Overnight: 15 Anderson]
>Fax 206 685 0790

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