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date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 12:19:50 +0100
from: "Thorne, Peter (Climate Research)" <>
subject: RE: Agreement
to: "Phil Jones" <>

Thanks. Is the page going up linked off of the front page or buried? And is there anything
associated from UEA press? Just so I know whether to alert our press office here (when they
aren't having a bbq or defending bonuses).

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From: Phil Jones []
Sent: 10 August 2009 12:09
To: Thorne, Peter (Climate Research)
Subject: Re: Agreement

I cleared out more stuff on Friday, so my room looks better,
but I still didn't find anything.
I have found the attached looking through files in the My Documents directory.
I don't have many from this time. It is probably chance that this one survived.
By the way - the new web page is going up at 4pm on Tuesday (tomorrow).
I saw Simon's email. So here goes:
CRU and the HC had a memorandum of understanding in the 1980s and 1990s
when Tom Wigley was in charge at CRU. I can't recall who signed this at
the HC end, but it was invoked by Chris Folland. I can't find this one either.
Later in about 2002 or early 2003 we started another agreement. This related to joint
work on the gridded temperature dataset. In this we agreed that the month-to-month running
of the programs would take place at the HC. This work led to the paper Brohan et al (2006)
and has continued since that time. CRU merges additional temperature data that are received
and sends this down at annual intervals. We've not done this for at least a couple of years
In searching through my room, I did come across some emails (hard copies) from 2002 (8
Here is what the email said about Collaboration and Ownership
this was an email from David Parker
Phil, if we do this, will you be happy for us to send you the global and hemispheric time
series as well as the gridded land and blended files (HadCRUT, HadCRUTv, CRUTEM2 and
CRUTEM2v)? Then we will all have the same numbers when DEFRA and the BBC come knocking. We
also nee to sort out some form of licensing agreement regarding ownership of the products.
Peter has some time allocated during his visit to discuss these things with you if you
I replied
We can come up with an agreement re ownership, but do we need a licensing agreement. I
would propose only releasing the four latest versions you list (HadCRUT2, HadCRUT2v,
CRUTEM2 and CRUTEM2v). In the latest paper on the land datasets, I'm proposing to put them
all on the CRU site. Still thinking about he raw station dataset.
The paper here is Jones and Moberg (2003). The issue about the raw data at the time was
that GHCN had stopped most European countries from gaining access.
The email goes on about proper branding and says actions await Simon's return in 2 weeks

At 11:20 10/08/2009, you wrote:

did you have any luck finding an agreement? If not then Marion has asked
for your recounting by email. Several at this end have independently
provided their recollections too. She will then assess with legal
whether we can support a verbal contract route in response to Mr.
McIntyre's request.
Peter Thorne, Climate Research scientist
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