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cc: Mike Mann <>
date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 14:51:09 -0400
from: Scott Rutherford <>
subject: revised NH comparison manuscript
to: Malcolm Hughes <>, Raymond Bradley <>, Tim Osborn <>, Keith Briffa <>, Phil Jones <>


Attached to this e-mail is a revision of the northern hemisphere
comparison manuscript. First some general comments. I tried as best as
possible to incorporate everyone's suggestions. Typically this meant
adding/deleting or clarifying text. There were cases where we disagreed
with the suggested changes and tried to clarify in the text why.

In this next round of changes I encourage everyone to make specific
suggestions in terms of wording and references (e.g. Rutherford et al.
GRL 1967 instead of "see my GRL paper"). I also encourage everyone to
make suggestions directly in the file in coloured text or by using
Microsquish Word's "Track Changes" function (this will save me
deciphering cryptic penmanship; although I confess, my writing is worse
than anyone's). If you would prefer to use the editing functions in
Adobe Acrobat let me know and I will send a PDF file. If you still feel
strongly that I have not adequately addressed an issue please say so.
I will incorporate the suggestions from this upcoming round into a
manuscript to be submitted. After review, everyone will get a crack at
it again.

I will not detail every change made (if anyone wants the file with the
changes tracked I can send it). Here are the major changes:

1) removal of mixed-hybrid approach and revised discussions/figures
2) removal of CE scores from the verification tables
3) downscaling of the Esper comparison to a single figure panel and one
4) revised discussion of spatial maps and revised figure (figure 8).
5) seasonal comparisons have been revised

Several suggestions have been made for where to submit. These are
listed on page 1 of the manuscript. Please indicate your preference
ASAP and I will tally the votes.

I would like to submit by late July, so if you could please get me
comments by say July 15 that would be great. I will send out a reminder
in early July. If I don't hear from you by July 15 I will assume that
you are comfortable with the manuscript.

Please let me know if you have difficulty with the file or would prefer
a different format.




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Scott Rutherford

Marine Research Scientist
Graduate School of Oceanography
University of Rhode Island
phone: (401) 874-6599
fax: (401) 874-6811
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