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cc: Fuentes-Hutfilter <>,, Katenkamp_Ulrich <>
date: Tue, 25 May 2004 10:39:45 +0200
from: Helmut Kuehr <>
subject: Re: German Expert for the Fourth IPCC Assessment Report
to: Martin Manning <>

Dear Martin,

thank you for your clarifying mail - I am glad to hear that Sarah Raper
is on board of the AR4 writing team and will include her in my database.

For your information: I am heading the German IPCC-Coordination Office
(e.g. see; sorry, in German only), the official German focal
point for IPCC, however, is Dr. Ursula Fuentes from BMU (Environment
Ministry), which has the lead among the federal ministries concerning IPCC.

Greetings, Helmut Kuehr

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/ Koordinierungsstelle Office of the Federal /
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Am 25.05.2004 1:54 Uhr schrieb "Martin Manning" unter

> Dr Helmut Kuehr
> German IPCC coordination office
> Dear Helmut
> I am writing to you as the IPCC Focal Point for Germany in regard to the
> recent selection of authors for the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (AR4). In
> the course of developing the author team for the IPCC Working Group I
> contribution to the AR4, the WG I Bureau dealt with many outstanding
> Government nominations from many different countries, including Germany.
> The WG I Bureau was particularly keen to invite Dr Sarah Raper of the
> Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven, to act as a Lead Author for chapter
> 10 of our report entitled "Global Climate Projections", given her special
> expertise in this area. Dr Raper was nominated by the Government of the UK
> and, as you may be aware, was previously at the University of East Anglia
> in the UK. However, we have been advised that she is now employed by the
> Alfred Wegener Institute and should be listed as a German expert in our
> report. We of course would be very happy to do that.
> We appreciate very much the excellent scientific work done in your country,
> and are very much looking forward to the participation of Dr Raper in the
> WG1 report.
> A full list of all the experts being invited to act as authors by the three
> Working Groups should appear on the IPCC web site very shortly.
> Best regards
> Martin Manning
> for
> Susan Solomon and Qin Dahe, WG I Co-chairs

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