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date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 02:54:45 -0700
from: claudia tebaldi <>
subject: IDAG proposal: final chance *by September 23rd*
to: Myles Allen <>, Knutti Reto <>, "Stott, Peter" <>, Gabi Hegerl <>, "Zwiers,Francis [Ontario]" <>, Tim Barnett <>, Hans von Storch <>, Phil Jones <>, David Karoly <>, Toru Nozawa <>, Ben Santer <>, Daithi Stone <>, Richard Smith <>, Nathan Gillett <>, Michael Wehner <>, Doug Nychka <>, Xuebin Zhang <>, Tom Knutson <>, Tim Delsole <>, "Jones, Gareth S" <>, Stephen Leroy <>,,

Dear IDAGgers
I am aiming for submission by September 28th. I should tell you that in fact we could
submit after October 1st without major consequences, but that would mean the project would
be funded -- if successful -- starting the next fiscal year. I'm saying this so that if you
have major concerns with the proposal as it stands you can hit the breaks hard and we can
try and address them.
This said, unless I hear about this major type of concerns, I will try to submit before the
end of the month, so:

By mid-week next week, I.e. **** by Wednesday the 23rd *** I would like you to
a) tell me if you are dissatisfied with some part of the proposal and how you would like to
edit it
b) send me your bio sketch if you want consulting money. I sent all the details previously
so I'm not going to repeat them here, but please note that the bio-sketch needs to follow
some pretty detailed rules, so please go back to my previous email about those. We are
going under the assumption that the level of funding available for consulting is $8,000 per
person which for simplicity I will characterize as two weeks' worth, so that we do not have
to worry about those of you in academia having a 12 months' salary (per Anjuli's directive,
two weeks are as much as it is admissible in that case).
I never heard from a few of you. For those I will assume travel money is all that is needed
unless I hear otherwise AND RECEIVE THE BIO in time, and of course I'll have to go under
the assumption that they are ok with the proposal as it stands.
Thank you to all of you that contributed to the proposal this time around
Claudia Tebaldi
Research Scientist, Climate Central
& Adjunct Professor
Department of Statistics - UBC Vancouver
office 604 822 3595 (Canadian area code)
cell 303 775 5365 (US area code)

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