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date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 10:54:36 -0400
from: "Bamzai, Anjuli" <>
subject: RE: Scientific Highlight for Our Changing Planet 09
to: "Phil Jones" <>

Yes good idea, I'm sure CCSPO is already thinking of mentioning this.
Any highlight will be referred to as CCSP contributions, agency
affiliation stripped. Still nice to see our program stuff get in there,
good for the program.


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To: Bamzai, Anjuli
Subject: Re: Scientific Highlight for Our Changing Planet 09

I'll give this some thought. As your example from the web
kept on referring to the IPCC and the various CCSP reports, it
might be an idea to say how many within your program
were involved within IPCC and CCSP.


At 14:15 02/07/2007, you wrote:
>I'd like to enlist your help in putting together a few "highlights" for

>the upcoming edition of Our Changing Planet 2009, a document that is
>prepared by the U.S. Climate Change Science Program and distributed to
>Congress to accompany the President's FY 09 budget.
>This is an opportunity for you to highlight any results in the past
>year or so. You are not being asked to provide volumes of material,
>just a a few sentences that describe your highlights. Further, if you
>would like to include a high-impact figure of your work, please do so.
>The highlight must be accompanied by relevant peer reviewed
>I need input for this request is needed by ~ August 10, 2007. A copy
>of the 2007 Our Changing Planet-Climate variability and change research

>element, may be found at
>This will give an idea of the required style and language for the
>Thank you very much for your attention on this matter.
>Best regards,

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