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date: Mon Sep 10 09:54:48 2001
from: Keith Briffa <>
subject: Fwd: Your treering data

What do you think? Karlen is a crackpot theses days , but
I don't know this Russian . He can pick up the regional curves
but giving anything more would be futile? Or what?

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Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 10:44:04 +0200
From: Anders Moberg <>
Subject: Your treering data
Hi Keith,
I have Dmitry Sonechkin from Moscow visiting me last week and this week. He is working
on a project togehter with me, Wibj�rn Karl�n and Karin Holmgren, which is funded by the
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The aim for this year is to make an evaluation of
proxy data for the last 2000 years, where one of the central ideas is to evaluate the
data at different separate time scales in order to try to find out which kind of data
are the best for each time scale.
At the moment Dmity and his collaborate, Nina Datsenko, is doing some analyses of the
'famous' NH/global-temperature reconstructions from proxy data, i.e. Mann, Crowley,
Jones and Briffa. He has already got all (as far as I understand) original data Mann
used, and Phil has given me the 17 records he used for his reconstruction. Now, Dmitry
would also like to analyse the original data used in your paper in JGR 2001. Is it
possible for him to get them? I would appreciate if you could help him with this.
I write below a letter from Dmitry to you.
Dear Dr. K.R. Briffa,
I have read your and your colleagues paper in which a new NH summer temperature
reconstruction is presented based on a novel tree-ring standadization method
(age-band-decomposition). I agree this method is a better method indeed. But, I and my
colleagues (in the frame of a Russian-Swedis collaborative study) would like to estimate
the advantage of this method quantitatively.
In order to reach this goal I should like to ask you to be so kind as to mail us the
digital file of your new NH reconstruction as well as the files of the
age-band-decomposed tree-ring series on the base of which this reconstruction is
Yours sincerely,
Dmitry M. Sonechkin

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