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cc: "Grant Foster" <>, "J. Salinger" <>,, "James Annan" <>,, "Gavin Schmidt" <>,
date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 22:26:32 -0400
from: Michael Mann <>
subject: Re: ENSO blamed over warming - paper in JGR

folks, I was thinking exactly the same thing. the problems are so unusually fundamental and
obvious, as we lay them out, that it does immediately call into suspicion the integrity of
the review process.

We probably need to take this directly to the chief editor at JGR, asking that this not be
handled by the editor who presided over the original paper, as this would represent a
conflict of interest. if we are told that is not possible, then we would at least want the
chief editor himself to closely monitor the handling of the paper.
I too am happy to sign of at this point,
On Jul 30, 2009, at 10:01 PM, Kevin Trenberth wrote:

You have a go from me. By all means clean up. I think you should argue
that it should be expedited for the reasons of interest by the press. Key
question is who was the editor who handled the original, because this is
an implicit criticism of that person. May need to point this out and
ensure that someone else handles it.


I've added additional suggestions received today, and made a few minor

changes myself. Here's the latest version. Enjoy!




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