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date: Fri May 5 10:40:27 2000
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Re: Christian Aid


I'm not looking for controversy - in my Guardian article I did say that there is now no longer a purely natural weather event, which I am happy to defend in debate, although the nuance of that argument I admit can be mis-interpreted.

Anyway, I'm not going to volunteer on this one - the context is too 'cold' without knowing the people involved.

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p.s. on the MSc question, could you arrange a get-together with Declan and I? Had a brief chat with Dec. and I think we need to explore options together. My starting point is:

- I cannot fulfil my current obligation for 2000/01 course (Trevor has agreed to that)
- I could probably contribute 2000/01 1-2 lectures as negotiated
- I would quite like Tyndall Centre to make a contribution in the future though, more through the global warming policy type course (maybe this could be upped to 20 credits). We may even be able to think about 1-2 Tyndall MSc scholarships each year (and maybe some MSc dissertation topics).
- Dec is interested in exploring options for greater ENV/DEV links

At 08:39 05/05/00 +0100, you wrote:
>CA are lookign for someone to say more extreme events likely in future due
>to global warming at lanuch of new campaign. I've said I won't do it but
>did say I'd ask around. Frankly, I'd advise against as the impression I
>have is that this really does amount to 'rent a quote'. I'm not into
>peddling doom and gloom anyway. Oh, date is May 15th. Let me know asap if
>you are interested as they are getting desparate.
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