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date: Mon, 04 Sep 2000 11:48:31 +0100
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CLA: D Albritton (USA)
G Meira Filho (Brazil)

LA: M Oppenheimer (USA)
J Mitchell (UK)
B Hewitson (South Africa)
T Stocker (Switzerland)
T Karl (USA)
J Penner (USA)
V Meleshko (Russia)
M McFarland (USA)
I Isaksen (Norway)
B Nyenzi (Tanzania)
S Pollonais (Trinidad)
U Cubasch (Germany)
K Trenberth (USA)

J Houghton (Co-chair)
Ding Yihui (Co-chair)
D Griggs (TSU)
P van der Linden (TSU)
N Sundararaman (IPCC Secretary, Geneva)

Review Editors : F Joos (Switzerland), H Nassarallah (Kuwait-
through N Sundararaman), A Ramirez (Venezuela - by fax), J Stone (Canada), J
Zillman (Australia).
Colin Prentice - represented by Haroon Khesgi (USA)
Venkatchala Ramaswamy(USA) represented by Jim Heywood (UK)
Bryant McAvaney (Australia)
John Church(Austalia) or Jonathan Gregory(UK)
Linda Mearns(USA) or Mike Hulme(UK)
Berrien Moore (USA)

1. Date of meeting: 13/15 October 2000

2. Local host: Michael Oppenheimer

3. Venue: Environmental Defense, 257 Park Avenue South, 17th floor
(between 20th and 21st streets) New York, NY 10010

Tel: 212/616-1226
FAX: 212/505-2375

4. Local contacts: Roberta Desmond and Georgia Pease. They can provide you
with a formal letter of invitation for visa application purposes.

5. Hotel:
Southgate Tower Hotel
371 Seventh Avenue (at 31st Street)
New York, NY 10001
Tel:: 212/563-1800
FAX: 212/643-8028

A block of rooms is being held until September 22 under the name of
Defense/IPCC" at a rate of $229 per night. Unfortunately, this was the
cheapest that could be found. The rooms are "studio suites" (the smallest
rooms they have) and are exceptionally well equipped, including data ports
for computers and full kitchens. The hotel offers room service from 7:00
a.m. to 11:00 p.m. There is also a full-service restaurant. There is a
fully equipped gym available for use at no extra charge.

The hotel has a full list of possible attendees. All you have to do is phone
or fax and make a credit card booking. They are aware that some of you from
developing countries my not be able to this. Therefore, please advise them
at time of booking. They know that you will pay in full upon departure.

6. Transportation:
>From JFK International Airport: Gray Line Buses go to the hotel from the
airport; the cost is $14 one way. They run from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Tell
the driver "Manhattan, Southgate Tower Hotel."

A taxi (maximum of 4 passengers) from JFK to anywhere in Manhattan is $30
plus tolls and tip. If the driver uses the Queens-Midtown tunnel, the toll
will be $3.50. An adequate tip would be in the $3 to $5 range.

Between the Hotel and Environmental Defense: The hotel is a 2-stop subway
ride from our offices with a short walk on each end. From the hotel, walk
north to the N & R subway station at 34th Street and Seventh Avenue. Take
the train downtown to 23rd Street, riding the front of the train so you
can exit near 22nd Street. Walk south on Broadway to 21st Street; walk two
blocks east to Park Avenue South. (Reverse the process to return to the
hotel from Environmental Defense.) You will have to purchase a Metro Card
in the subway station; each ride is $1.50; ask for a "ride & pay" card; you
can put any amount on the card.

For those who want exercise before and/or after sitting in the meeting all
day, it is a 15 to 20 minute walk. The most direct way is to walk over to
Broadway and following it to the appropriate cross street.

A taxi will cost approximately $5.00 depending on the traffic.

7. Food During The Meeting:
Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack will be provided at the Environmental
Defense offices. The price per person will be $21 per day.
(Participants should be prepared to pay the total amount of $63 on the first
day.) A receipt will be provided. Meeting participants will be responsible
for their own dinner plans.

8.Visas and funding : Please ensure you have the appropriate visas for this
trip. Please advise local contacts if you need an invitation letter. A copy
of this email will be sent to them for their information. Copies will aslo
go to the IPCC Secretariat in Geneva and to Dave Dokken inthe USA so that
they are aware with regad to funding issues.

Please let me know if you anything further. Don't forget that the deadline
for the hotel booking is 22 September 2000. I hope you have a safe and
pleasant journey and a successful meeting.

Regards and best wishes.


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