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cc: "Osborn Timothy Dr \(CRU\) f055"
date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 11:35:26 +0100
from: "McGarvie Michael Mr \(ACAD\) k364"
subject: RE: Re: Freedom of Information Act
to: "Goodess Clare Dr \(CRU\) f034"


Very happy for Tim to meet and discuss with Dave. I will alert Dave and
perhaps Tim could get in touch with him directly?



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From: Clare Goodess []
Sent: Monday, September 26, 2005 11:31 AM
To: McGarvie Michael Mr (ACAD) k364
Cc: Osborn Timothy Dr (CRU) f055
Subject: RE: Re: Freedom of Information Act


The whole situation is quite complicated and politically sensitive.

Would it be possible for Tim and Dave to meet to discuss this. I
think this would be the most efficient way of handling things.


At 11:23 26/09/2005, you wrote:
>I am sorry that you have not had a reply to your earlier emails. As I
>think I mentioned in an earlier email, I am the person who co-ordinates
>any requests that come through on FOIA relating to the SCI Faculty and
>do not have 'chapter and verse' on policy. I will chase this one
>through Dave Palmer who is the 'guru' on such things.
>Your message refers to a formal request under FOIA for information.
>Could you please forward that to Dave?
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Clare Goodess []
>Sent: Monday, September 26, 2005 11:17 AM
>Cc: Osborn Timothy Dr (CRU) f055; Briffa Keith Prof (CRU) f023; Jones
>Philip Prof (CRU) f028
>Subject: Fwd: Re: Freedom of Information Act
>Dear Mike and David
>In February through April this year, I tried to get some advice from
>you on behalf of Tim Osborn and colleagues in the Climatic Research
>Unit who were concerned about the implications of the FOI for some of
>their research data. Unfortunately, you were not able to provide any
>advice then.
>However, as you will see from the forwarded email below, an issue has
>now arisen (as Tim anticipated earlier this year). I would be very
>grateful if you could offer Tim and Keith some help with this issue
>as a matter of urgency.
>Best wishes, Clare
> >X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Version
> >Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 10:56:06 +0100
> >To: Clare Goodess
> >From: Tim Osborn
> >Subject: Fwd: Re: Freedom of Information Act
> >Cc: "Keith Briffa"
> >
> >Hi Clare - back in the spring, you were making enquiries regarding
> >research data and FOI Act. Did you ever receive a decision from the
> >relevant people? We have received a request for data that we do not
> >wish to give out because it is valuable to us/UEA in terms of future
> >research and future funding - but are we obliged to do so under the
> >FOI Act? - Cheers, Tim
> >
> >>Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 13:53:01 +0000
> >>To: Clare Goodess
> >>From: Tim Osborn
> >>Subject: Re: Freedom of Information Act
> >>
> >>Hi Clare - I'm not clear how this applies to research data. Do I
> >>have to give out my data if someone requests it? Who will pay if
> >>there's a considerable amount of time involved? Or can I just say
> >>that the data are private?
> >>
> >>Cheers
> >>
> >>Tim
> >>
> >>At 13:39 01/02/2005, you wrote:
> >>>Dear all
> >>>
> >>>All CRU staff should have received important emails from Alan
> >>>Preece on 14 and 29 January concerning the Freedom of Information
> >>>Act which came into full force on 1 January 2005 - together with a
> >>>leaflet. (If you are a member of staff and haven't received
> >>>these, please let me know).
> >>>
> >>>It is important that we all comply with this act. If anybody in
> >>>CRU (staff or student) receives a request which refers to the
> >>>Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), please forward it immediately
> >>>to the Faculty of Science FOIA contact - Mike McGarvie (x 3229,
> >>> and copy it to Phil and myself. If you are
> >>>unsure about the request or it is unusual, please copy to Phil and
> >>>myself and we'll decide if we need to consult Mike McGarvie.
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>Best wishes, Clare
> >>>
> >>>
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> >
> >Dr Timothy J Osborn
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>Dr Clare Goodess
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>School of Environmental Sciences
>University of East Anglia
>NR4 7TJ
>Tel: +44 -1603 592875
>Fax: +44 -1603 507784

Dr Clare Goodess
Climatic Research Unit
School of Environmental Sciences
University of East Anglia

Tel: +44 -1603 592875
Fax: +44 -1603 507784

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