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date: Thu Feb 14 12:45:13 2008
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: Tom Wigley ( has sent you a news story from
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Dave Bromwich's papers (one in JGR an done in GRL) in 2007
are both about how poor Reanalyses are in the Antarctic cf the
Arctic. Main issue is that both NCEP and ERA-40 rejected
most of the surface data prior to 1979 and ERA-40 worked hard
to get mores sondes in from the BAS Reader project, but then
screwed up getting these in.
So not sure what this news alert is about. Even in the Peninsula,
the warming is probably just significant. The SD is amazingly high
in this region.
At 23:38 13/02/2008, you wrote:

Hi Phil,
Interesting re the Antarctic paper -- which I have not read.
I'm very suspicious of this. SNR is such that one cannot
usefully compare models and obs -- not to mention obs
uncertainties, and problems with getting the sfce signal
effect of ozone depletion. Re the latter, Susan Solomon
thinks the models are very poor at this.
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