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date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 14:24:54 +0000
from: Tim Osborn <>
subject: Re: FW: TOR temperature reconstruction
to: "Myles Allen" <>, "Martin Juckes" <>,"Gabi Hegerl" <>, "Keith Briffa" <>

At 13:28 09/02/2005, Myles Allen wrote:
>We appear to be it. The original TOR suggested 80keuro might be
>available, and it seems we can reasonably bid for a fair chunk (up to all
>if it's justifiable) of that money. This suggests we could include some
>personnel costs as well as travel. I've already talked this over with
>Martin: would Gabi or Tim be interested, either in the form of salary
>support via your institutions or as direct sub-contractors (I'm easy
>either way)? I assume, from Keith's e-mail, that Keith only wants travel

Hi Myles

I can't find a copy of the TOR or of Keith's reply, but want to re-iterate
the basic tone of Keith's message which is that neither of us could
contribute in the next, say, 3 months due to other commitments. But if the
time scale extends considerably beyond that, then we can start
talking! Some salary support in return for well-defined tasks might be
possible - depending on the size and whether this was enough to pay a post
doc for a few months, or are you just talking a few days
"consultancy"? Alternatively, of course we could collaborate, though would
you expect us to be sharing our already developed ideas and plans regarding
the "hockey stick" issue, given that we plan to undertake some such work
ourselves, as written into existing projects/proposals? Sorry if this
sounds hard-nosed! I don't mean to be, but am just torn between (i)
avoiding committing too much from ourselves, whether funded or not; (ii)
maintaining a spirit of collaboration; and (iii) ensuring that we can
continue to make our own unique/independent contribution to this
issue. Ideally the time table would stretch to allow us to make a fuller
contribution later in the year, but since it's probably very much a
policy-driven problem, I guess the Dutch want the answer ASAP! Could you
expand on what you would want from us? Anyway, thanks for inviting us and
maybe we can work something out.

Best wishes


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