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date: Mon Jan 19 17:18:02 2004
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Re: IEP Strategy Conference
to: "Peter Hedges" <>

Dear Peter,
Many thanks for this. You've put a lot of work into this and I look forward to the
conference. My only apology is that I now have to leave by mid-morning (after the first
breakout) on the Friday in order to get back to London for a meeting at DEFRA in the
afternoon on the Gulf Stream collapse, which I really can't miss. This means I will
unfortunately miss the wash-up session with the SAT on the Friday afternoon, but maybe I
can leave any key observations with you or Peter before I leave.
See you on Thursday,
At 17:33 16/01/2004 +0000, you wrote:

Dear All,

Please find attached the "running order" for the IEP Strategy Conference next week that
you may find helpful as it provides some detail on the breakout session and the
questions we will be asking the delegates. I hope you are all still able to make it!

As a reminder, the objectives for the conference are:
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* To develop the IEP Strategic Framework as a guide for future investment
* To discuss specific programme developments, including the international dimension of
the IEP research portfolio, and the issue of inclusive society
* To promote collaboration between the different IEP funded activities, and to explore
ways of maximising the research outputs of the Programme.

The event is also intended to help create an IEP community , and also to have a
celebratory element to mark the launch of the first tranche of IEP consortia.

The primary role we see for SAT members at the conference is first to provide input to
the discussions alongside the other delegates, and secondly to help us assimilate the
outputs from the meeting at the informal SAT meeting at the send of the second day. We
agreed at the last SAT meeting that members would do their best to make sure that
discussion didn't "dry up" and I hope that you will be able to bring some of your own
ideas to stimulate the discussion in the different breakout groups. I've assigned you to
research theme breakouts (hopefully!) in areas you will be comfortable in - I've also
attached a spreadsheet showing the current allocation of delegates to breakout groups so
that you can see who you will be working with.

The aims of the sessions are as follows:

Day 1

Session 1 - in small groups, to discuss how the IEP strategic framework is populated by
current research activities

Session 2 - in larger, research theme-based groups, to discuss new opportunities for
research to fill perceived gaps in the framework

Session 3 - in larger, mixed groups, to discuss research opportunities that cut across
research themes and opportunities for the integration of research outputs, again cutting
across the research themes

Dinner with Ian Gibson MP as the after dinner speaker.

Day 2

Session 4 - to discuss the inclusive society agenda in more depth in mixed groups
following a presentation by Professor Alan Marsh

Session 5 - to discuss the international development agenda in more depth in mixed
groups following a presentation by Philip O'Neil from DFID.

The last session is the one where I feel we have most "risk" of problems. The discussion
groups have been based on a number of the UN Millennium Development Challenges, some of
which may fairly difficult to discuss from an IEP (and more broadly EPSRC) perspective.
The subjects of the groups are listed below (they are in shorthand in the breakout
groups list) - please give me a ring next week if you need any further information.

Session 5 Breakout Sessions
Eradicate Poverty & Hunger
Reduce Mortality & Combat Disease
Ensure Environmental Sustainability 1
Ensure Environmental Sustainability 2
Ensure Environmental Sustainability 3
Global Partnerships for Development

Finally, we've split you up for the dinner so that one SAT member and one Associate
Programme Manager is on each table - I hope this is OK with you.

I'm in the office of Tuesday and Wednesday of next week if you have any questions. I'm
really looking forward to the event - it will be my first real chance in a long time to
concentrate on where the Programme should be going in the future.

Many thanks, as always for your time and support.

Best regards


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