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cc: Gavin Schmidt <>
date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 06:50:31 -0400
from: Brendan Buckley <>
subject: Re: Revised version the Wengen paper
to: Phil Jones <>

Yes, Gavin,

Ben was along with me on my project in Vietnam this past spring (I have been working there
the past couple of years). We have an important Vietnam conifer paper accepted in Climate
Dynamics, with Sano as first author and it is described in the text, and I have a new 700+
year ring width chronology from the same species from 12 degrees latitude that is just hot
off the microscope, with amazingly robust signal strength. We have strong evidence for
several multi-decadal scale droughts that extended across SEA (they show up in my 2007
Climate Dynamics paper on teak from northwestern Thailand, in Sano's paper from north
Vietnam fokienia, and now my own record from south Vietnam fokienia). We see that the time
of Angkor collapse was smack in the middle of the worst extended drought of the past 700
years. I plan to submit a paper in the next 2 months on this, after we finish our Monsoon
workshop in mid September. I had a bit more of this in the first version but I seem to
recall some comments to the effect that I was tooting the LDEO horn too much so I toned it
down and included all the Poussart and isotope references that people seemed to want. As I
told Phil and Keith, I can change direction on this section any way people think
appropriate. Just let me know if you want me to include any of this, or anything else, and
I can rewrite over this next weekend. I also don't want to steal thunder from the paper I
am about to submit, but I think I can find the correct balance.
On Aug 19, 2008, at 5:11 AM, Phil Jones wrote:

See next email re the final Appendix plot.
The tropical dendro section is much larger. It was mainly
written by Brendan Buckley who was likely with Ben on any
recent coring trip to SE Asia. The section is optimistic.
There are sentences on dating of trees without rings using isotopes.
At 17:39 18/08/2008, you wrote:

a couple of quick points - more later.

- why does the CET line on figure A1 only go to 1950? Surely you have

enough data to go to 1982 with no padding? I think that it is important

to graphically show that even if you take IPCC90 at face value, it still

shows that today is warmer. The graph will be looked at much more often

than the text will be read.

- I was talking to Ben Cook recently, and he was describing some tree

species in Vietnam and Thailand that clearly had annual rings and that

they were in the process of cross-validating the dating. In general, he

was pretty optimistic about the prospects for tropical dendro. Thus in

the response to reviewers and maybe the text, we should be quite open to



On Mon, 2008-08-18 at 06:00, Phil Jones wrote:

> Dear All,

> Here's the revised version of the paper, together with the

> responses to the reviewers.

> We have told John Matthews, that we will get this back to him by

> the beginning

> of next week. To us in the UK this means Aug 26/27 as next Monday

> is a national

> holiday. So, to those not away at the moment, can you look through your

> parts and get any comments back to us by the end of this week or over the

> weekend?

> Can you also look at the references - those in yellow and let me know of

> any that have come out, or are able to correct those that I think just look

> wrong?

> I hope you'll think of this as an improvement.


> Cheers

> Phil



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