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date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 19:20:58 +0500
from: Rashit Hantemirov <>
subject: Re[3]: Stephen McIntyre
to: Keith Briffa <>

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Dear Keith,
attached manuscript concerning frost and light rings has been
submitted to Paleo3 special issue (PAGES conference in Moscow in
2002). I'm still waiting for final decision.
Meantime we prepare next version of extremes reconstruction (on the
base of Yamal data only) for the last 2100 years using frost, light,
missing and very narrow rings. Unfortunately, I could not find time to
prepare even draft version of this paper. I can send to you the
picture and list of the "extreme" years for this period, if you are
interested. Now analysis is going on, little by little. Most probably,
we will prepare for publication data for longer reconstruction (up to
4000 years).

As to tree-line reconstruction, we have almost no progress. To get
more reliable reconstruction we need more samples from sites
northwards of 68�N. In 2002 we have sampled subfossil wood in this
area. However, without success (only 30 samples, only 5 of them I was
able to date). Now we have in all 30 dated samples from the area to
the north of 68�. Attached .pcx files show reconstructions that have
been published before in the local publications. Only one correction
we can do after 2002 field season, namely that big shift of tree line
took place after 2420 BC. Hope I will succeed finally in dating of
rest of samples to improve reconstruction.

Best regards

Rashit Hantemirov

Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology
8 Marta St., 202
Ekaterinburg, 620144
Tel: +7(3432)51-40-92
Fax: +7(3432)51-41-61

Monday, February 2, 2004, 7:37:36 PM, you wrote:

KB> Rashit
KB> that sounds great - at least I am happy you are working on the sub fossil
KB> material still. I have done some work comparing the Swedish and Finnish
KB> long series after standard RCS detrending and there is good similarity at
KB> the century timescale for some considerable periods - but significant
KB> differences over some others , even allowing for uncertainty in the
KB> series These are only 300 km separated so this is an interesting
KB> indication of changes in continentality perhaps. I am also interested in
KB> extending the high-frequency density series before 1400 AD , to show
KB> earlier volcanoes , even though the spatial coverage is poor. It would be
KB> interesting to see your extreme year series - do you have a preprint of
KB> your paper? I would really like to get support to continue a wider
KB> collaboration , including other northern long series to produce wide scale
KB> integrated series . What is the latest state of your tree-line
KB> reconstruction , for periods earlier than you showed in the Holocene paper?
KB> I am still hoping such support may come again from Europe.
KB> very best wishes
KB> Keith
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