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date: Fri May 26 15:05:41 2000
from: Keith Briffa <>
subject: data

Eugene and Muchtar
thank you for the file. I will read and digest and comment. Please give me a clue as to its intended destination . I am sending soon rough drafts of three papers - 2 for the special issue of the Holocene that your paper will also appear in (probably not til early 2001), and one we wish to submit to Journal of Geophysical Research which describes the large regional temperature reconstructions produced to capture low-frequency curves. This contains different Siberian reconstructions and compares the overall (pseudo Northern Hemisphere reconstruction with a load of others e.g. Mann et al, Jones et al, Crowley et al etc). I am anxious to get this last paper out soon so it will come to you in a rather rougher form than the others for your comments.

As for Meteorological data , I can get some of the data but I have spoken to Phil and he says that he has a file of monthly temperature data from 1990 to the present for many Russian stations . I am copying this message to him to remind him to send it to you. This may not contain all the stations you want - in fact it will not , but it might help. You should get back to us to let us know if you would like the data for special stations in the file more regularly and we will see if we can set up a link to forward them . Phil also tells me that there is a web site in the United States where you can download data . I will leave him to tell you more about this.
On a final point , we (myself and a student Tom Melvin - I would have introduced you to him in Mendoza- ) are really keen to collaborate with you in the use of your cell growth model . His phD aims to bridge the gap between dendro data and techniques and process models of tree growth , at different levels of complexity. We wish to explore the reasons behind the density decline and potential anthropogenic environmental effects . We thought of using your model , and the Shashkin/Fritts model , as well as a large Global Vegetation Dynamic Model . The whole project is focusing on Northern and southern Finland. What do you think? In the nearer future , my colleague Tim Osborn and I are interested in exploring the empirical evidence for possible causes of the density decline because we are not convinced that the answer is associated with snow lie alone. We need to get much more data that come right up to the present and we would also like to discuss this phenomenon with you in more detail. I wondered if you might be interested in a short visit here if we could get funds , say from NATO or the EC ? I know you are extremely busy so I don't mind if you say no way - if that is the case we won't bother trying to get the funds. The other thing we must discuss is the continuing INTAS project and what will be done in detail. I also wish to publish our mass chronologies (shown in the Krasnoyarsk meeting !! but still not published ) and we need to decide on a joint approach to The Leverhulme Foundation for funds to explore the whole issue of changing biomass ( bringing the growth data / tree-ring / density/ climate/ anthropogenic influence story together). Fritz also tells me that he has some funds for a Russia visit and continued work on the long series. I am still bitterly disappointed about not getting our proposal in the EC. I genuinely thought it was of the utmost importance and scientific merit. There is much dissatisfaction in many quarters of Europe with this last funding round. The story is not over .We may be able to bid again in 1991.

My very best wishes


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