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Thanks for doing this, Phil. This is good news. I submitted three pieces
to UUK for this publication. Two are being included - one on CRU and one
on sustainable low-energy buildings. We'll look out for this piece in
the Guardian. Annie

Annie Ogden, Head of Communications,
University of East Anglia,
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> Simon,
> I have had almost an hour's chat with Bibi. CRU and UEA will come
> out of this quite well.
> She's writing a story for the Education Supplement in the
> probably for Tuesday week (so the 22cnd).
> The Universities UK book is due out on Jan 26.
> It seems as though they asked all Universities what their
> were for all things green - maybe Annie wrote for this - not
>just being
> green, but also the science as to why, and then cherry picked the
> most interesting.
> Cheers
> Phil
>At 15:24 09/01/2008, you wrote:
>>Hi Phil
>>A journalist from the Guardian would like to talk to someone from CRU
>>about a Universities UK report coming out later this month about how
>>green UK universities are (it's a very positive report as you can
>>imagine). The journalist would like more of an objective view
>from CRU
>>She can't let you see the report because it's embargoed but she can
>>talk through it's main points on the phone.
>>Deadline is end of this week or Monday at a stretch.
>>If you feel you can help, please call Bibi Vanderzee on 07747
>635750 or
>>If it would be better handled by someone else, just let me know.
>>Simon Dunford, Press Officer,
>>University of East Anglia,
>>Norwich, NR4 7TJ.
>>Tel:+44 (0)1603 592203
>Prof. Phil Jones
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