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date: Tue Jun 25 12:50:46 2002
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Re: Forum 2002
to: John Houghton <>, jp bruce <>,,

Dear John,
Thanks for this. An alternative title for my contribution could be 'Is climate change
dangerous?' which will take the FCCC wording as a starting point, run through some of the
elements of potential 'dangerous' impacts as revealed by science research, and end by
emphasising that 'dangerous' in the end is a value judgement to be resolved through
national and international discussion.
I would prefer to use a powerpoint presentation from my laptop (is a data projector
available?) - if not, then I could prepare OH transparencies.
A bio is attached which can be edited as needbe.
Best wishes,
At 18:44 24/06/02 +0000, John Houghton wrote:

Dear Mike and Jim
Thank you for your messages. The audience will be around 70 we expect about
40 from outside the UK (mainly US).
Thank you Jim for your speaking notes which I thought interesting,
challenging and appropriate.
Are you happy with the rather dull titles I have given you or would you like
something different?
I have noted that Jim is bringing 35mm slides. What visual aids do you wish
Please could you each provide me with a short biography for the Final
Programme by the 3rd July please and please copy reply to these
questions to
Myles Allen <>
With many thanks again for your help,
Best regards

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