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date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 11:53:53 +0100 (BST)
subject: Re: FW: Medieval Warm Period
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The simple answer to your question is that the average
temperatures (global) for the last 20 years are likely
warmer than they were during the MWP. Keith Briffa
who I've cc'd can send you a paper and a diagram. I'm
on travel at the moment.
Although we are warmer now than during the MWP, it
might hve been warmer during the Roman Warm Period
and was also likely warmer about 6000 years ago.
So warmest only now in the last 1000 years context.

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> Subject: Medieval Warm Period
> Can you help please.
> I have found a graph ex NOAA showing temperatures from the year 1000 to
> 2000. Accepting the uncertainties about temperature measurement and
> variability throghout the Northern hemishere could you answer this
> question.
> What were the temperature variations in the Medieval Warm period and do
> those noted in the last 20 years exceed them. Essentially can we say
> that currently this has been the warmest period since the Last Ice Age.
> Thank you- references would be fine
> John Sefton

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