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date: Tue Oct 3 11:29:10 2000
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: Scientific data on climate change indicators fron Lake Baikal,
to: Raj Verma <>

Dear Raj/Eugene,
CRU/UEA would be interested, but only if the data referred to are
climatic (ie temperature and precipitation etc). Can you or Eugene
send me some more information.

Best Regards

Phil Jones

At 04:33 PM 9/28/00 +0100, you wrote:
>Dear Dr. Jones
>Your name has been referred to me by Dr. Geoff Jenkins of the Hadley Centre.
>I am on a short secondment to this office from an organisation called LEAD
>(Leadership for Environment and Development) that is part of the Rockefeller
>Foundation. More can be learned about LEAD from their website
> if you wish.
>One of the items on my work plan whilst here is to create a tie up between
>the FCO and LEADnet, which is a network of over 1000 professionals in 50
>countries working in the fields of environment and sustainable development.
>In the process of doing so, I recieved this email from a LEAD colleague in
>Russia which I reproduce below.
>---Original message----
>Dear Raj,
>I'm Eugene Zilov, 3 Cohort LEAD Fellow. As I understood EPD is, among other
>issues, concerned with Climate Change.
>You see, we, in Siberia, has a long-term data on the state of Lake Baikal
>ecosystem. The observations (every ten days samplings and every year
>expeditions) are fulfilled since 1946. I thing the data can be used for
>decision - is Climate Changing or not? Now, financial shortcuts make
>ourselves ability to work with such data practically impossible. May be you
>know some agencies, or institutions which are interested in joint
>exploitation of our data.
>If so, please answer me. We have found some interest in ILEC (International
>Lake Ecosystem Conservation) and in Danish Ministry for Environment, but
>they have not enough financial possibilities. It will be very sad if this
>data base will be lost for science and society.
>Cordially yours
>Eugene A. Silow
>Scientific Research Institute of Biology
>P.O.Box 24, Irkutsk-3, 664003, Russia
>Fax: +7(395)2 34 52 07
>I was wondering if the University of East Anglia would be interested in
>jointly exploring this data with the SRIB. I am copying this to my
>colleague, Eugene, so that you can take up the matter directly with him, as
>the details seem a bit sketchy at present.
>I look forward to your response.
>With kind regards
>Raj Verma
>Environment Policy Department
>Foreign and Commonwealth Office
>King Charles Street
>London SW1A 2AH
>Tel: 020 7 270 2718

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