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date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 15:03:30 +0100 (BST)
from: Iain <>
subject: Progress report?
to: Keith Briffa <>

The final version of the JGR paper has been submitted and will be
published in July/August. Thanks again to yourself and Phil for writing
I would be grateful if the following message is treated
confidentially. I've just returned from a week in Juelich. Although the
trip was not related to the EC project we worked on the Irish data.
To be honest the situation is a bit of a nightmare! The person
that has done most of the work is Gerd Helle, who as far as I can see was
NOT employed on the EC project in any capacity. They have all their carbon
results, however there will not be any oxygen results until there is a
continuous flow system (months??).
We used a Gaussian filter to emphasise the year-to-year
variability in a similar manner to the JGR paper and Gerd is working on a
paper. They are very wary of the errors inherent in the mirrored ends of
the 60 year Gaussian filter. Fair enough! Therefore they may compare the
results to discrimination calculations - sounds good... As far as I'm
aware there is no relative humidity data for Armagh - I've contacted John
Butler there...
The problem as you're aware is that there still doesn't appear to
be a sense of urgency - I gather you indicated in the final EC report that
the Juelich report would follow. Gerd has just got his PhD and now has
time to work on the data. If you haven't given up, his e-mail is Gerd
Helle <>. Along with Schleser they plan to come to
Cambridge later in the year... Have you pulled all your hair out?


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