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date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 15:57:32 -0600
from: Jonathan Overpeck <>
subject: [Wg1-ar4-ch06] DEADLINES NEXT WEEK ---- IMPORTANT!!
to:, Bette Otto-Bleisner <>

Hi all - We just talked, and have adjusted next week's deadlines to
give you all (and us!) the maximum time to produce the next draft.
Please WORK FAST to:

1) EVERYONE: By Monday, July 25: please provide all section edits and
comments to the designated section leaders listed in our July 14
emails (BOLD names in list copied below). This should include
edits/comments on the text, figs and references. Note that this
deadline has been moved to give you one more day.

2) ALL SECTION LEADERS (in BOLD below): By Wednesday, July 27, please
provide the updated text, figs and refs (in ENDNOTE FILE) to Peck and

ALL - of course, there will still be some writing and figure work in
progress on the 27th, but we'd like to get as much as possible by
that date so we can assemble the next draft in total. If you can't
provide everything by the 27th, please let us know what will be
coming by when.

Exec Summary - send to Peck and Eystein
Section 6.2 - DAVID and Stefan
Section 6.3 - Dominique, Bette, STEFAN, and Dick
Section 6.4 - BETTE, Valerie
Section 6.5 - KEITH, Ricardo, Ramesh, Dan, Prof. Zhang
Section 6.6 - FORTUNAT
Box 6.1 - DAVID, Stefan
Box 6.2 - FORTUNAT, Stefan
Box 6.3 - OLGA, Keith
Box 6.4 - KEITH, Ricardo

Many thanks, Peck and Eystein.
Jonathan T. Overpeck
Director, Institute for the Study of Planet Earth
Professor, Department of Geosciences
Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Mail and Fedex Address:

Institute for the Study of Planet Earth
715 N. Park Ave. 2nd Floor
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721
direct tel: +1 520 622-9065
fax: +1 520 792-8795
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