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cc:,, Melissa Van Ee <>
date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 16:40:07 +0100
from: Bob Carling <>
subject: Re: HIGH PRIORITY: Climate Forum 2002 Declaration/Website
to: Mike Hulme <>

OK, thanks Mike. I will pass these comments on to Missy Van Ee who is in
charge of the website, and will take appropriate action.


At 15:04 22/8/02 +0100, Mike Hulme wrote:
>I was away on holiday in mid-summer and wasn't able to comment until now.
>The final conference statement - which I didn't in the end see - has some
>merit, but there are a number of key details of wording that do not
>reflect my views on the issue. This gives me something of a problem with
>my name associated with it. And I doubt anyone wants to re-open
>discussion about numerous phrases and meanings (although I happy to raise
>my concerns if it is at all appropriate).
>I think I would therefore ask if my name were removed from those
>supporting the Declaration - although I am happy of course for my name to
>be listed as one of the Forum participants. I am not sure what other
>people have said about this - I know a number of scientists contributed to
>the Forum but did not approve the Statement - but for me to take such
>collective statements seriously I need to make sure I fully endorse
>them. And as currently worded I cannot.
>Best regards,
>At 15:41 26/07/02 +0100, you wrote:
>>Dear conference participant
>>A number of people have sent some corrections to their affiliations on
>>the list of participants on the conference declaration, which has been
>>published on the website ( and which was
>>also emailed to you recently.
>>We therefore thought it was important that we check with all of you on
>>the list that you are both happy with your inclusion on the list and with
>>your affiliation(s) as quoted.
>>Please will you therefore check the list below and let us know of any
>>corrections via Melissa Van Ee <>.
>>Please note that some of the corrections already received - which are
>>already incorporated in the list below - have already been implemented on
>>the website.
>>Many thanks.
>>Bob Carling
>>corrections received to date):
>>Other Forum speakers and participants:
>>Dr Myles Allen, Clarendon Laboratory, University of Oxford, UK
>>Claire Ashton, Research Engineer, Thames Water, UK; Director, John Ray
>>Prof. Graham Ashworth, Chairman, EnCams (Environmental Campaigns), UK;
>>former President of the Baptist Union, UK
>>Dr Peter Bakken, Coordinator of Outreach and Research Fellow, Au Sable
>>Institute, USA
>>Rev. James Ball, Director, Evangelical Environmental Network, USA
>>Kara Unger Ball, Member, Board of Trustees, Au Sable Institute, USA
>>Rachel Bardsley, University of Gloucestershire, UK
>>Dr Jerry Beilby, Chair, Department of Science and Mathematics,
>>Northwestern College, USA
>>Dr Pam Berry, Terrestrial Ecology and Biodiversity Group, Environmental
>>Change Institute, University of Oxford, UK
>>Paul Bodenham, Energy and Climate Change Campaign Co-ordinator,
>>Nottingham, UK
>>Peter Bright, Director, John Ray Initiative, UK; Former External Affairs,
>>Shell International
>>Ann Brown, Jubilee Centre, Cambridge UK
>>Edward Brown, Chief Operating Officer, Au Sable Institute, USA
>>Dr Donald Bruce, Director, Society, Religion and Technology Project,
>>Church of Scotland
>>Dr Roger N. Brummel, Member of the Board of Trustees, Au Sable Institute, USA
>>Bruce Buursma, Corporate Communications, Herman Miller Inc., MI, USA
>>Dr David Byers, Executive Director, Committee on Science and Human
>>Values, US Conference of Catholic Bishops, USA
>>Dr Bob Carling, Freelance Science Editor, Southampton, UK; Adviser to The
>>John Ray Initiative
>>Dr Peter Carruthers, Executive Director, The John Ray Initiative, UK
>>Rev. J Stafford Carson, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Westminster
>>Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, USA
>>Prof. James Clark, Geology and Environmental Science, Wheaton College, USA
>>Mr Richard Davis, Communications Advisor, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa
>>New Zealand
>>Dr Rosemarie Drummond, Department of Physics, University of Toronto, Canada
>>Dr Glen Fell, Professor of Agriculture, MidAmerica Nazarene University, USA
>>Doreen J. Ferko, California State University at Fullerton, USA
>>Dr Thomas E. Ferko, Assistant Professor of Physical Science, California
>>Baptist University, USA
>>Dr David Foster, Director, Oakes Museum, Messiah College, USA
>>Douglas Grace, Director, Interfaith Climate and Energy Campaign, National
>>Religious Partnership for the Environment, Washington, USA
>>Dr Herbert Grover, Associate Professor of Biology, Hardin-Simmons
>>University, USA
>>Rev. Keith Hitchman, Chaplain University of Gloucestershire, UK
>>Diana Hoare, Green Apostle, Diocese of Hereford, UK
>>Dr Martin Hodson, Principal Lecturer in Environmental Biology, Oxford
>>Brookes University, UK
>>Rev. Margot Hodson, Church Minister and representative of Sage and A
>>Rocha, Oxfordshire, UK
>>Dr Geoff Hogan, Research Physicist, Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford
>>Alycia Ashburn Holtebeck, Institute for Environmental Studies, University
>>of Wisconsin, USA
>>Juliana Horne, Environmentalist, Colombia, South America
>>Paul Houghton, Treasurer, John Ray Initiative, UK; Further Education
>>Tutor in Science
>>Rev. Dr John G. Kelly, Lecturer in Systematic Theology, St John's
>>College, Nottingham, UK
>>Prof. Robert S. Keys, Assistant Professor of Science, Cornerstone
>>University, USA
>>Sarah La Trobe, Public Policy Officer for Environment and Disasters,
>>Tearfund, UK
>>Phil Leigh, Diocese of Liverpool, UK
>>John Mead, Member of UNED Stakeholder Forum Climate Change and Energy
>>Panel; Member of ITDG
>>Dr Mike Morecroft, Ecologist, NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology &
>>Oxford University, UK; Director, John Ray Initiative
>>Shirley Morrison, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, USA
>>Terence Morrison, Director, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, USA
>>Harrison Murbi, AISRED, University of Nairobi, Kenya
>>Rev. Dr David Pickering, Eco-Congregation Co-ordinator, UK
>>Prof. William Randolph, Dean, Division of Natural and Social Sciences,
>>Northwest College, USA
>>A. Relton, Heber Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies, Bishop
>>Heber College, India
>>Prof. Colin Russell, Emeritus Professor in History of Science, The Open
>>University and the University of Cambridge, UK; Director, John Ray Initiative
>>Zachary Sheely, Westmont College, USA
>>Amanda Sparkman, Westmont College, USA
>>Dr Eric Steinkamp, Northwest College, USA
>>David Thistlethwaite, Administrator, John Ray Initiative, UK
>>Dame Janet Trotter, Principal, University of Gloucestershire, UK
>>Prof. John Twidell, Director, AMSET Centre for Renewable Energy, UK;
>>Visiting Professor in Renewable Energy Engineering, University of Reading, UK
>>Melissa Van Ee, Au Sable Institute, USA
>>corrections to via Melissa Van Ee <>
>>Dr R C J Carling
>>90 Charlton Road, Shirley
>>Southampton SO15 5EW, UK
>>Tel: 023 8034 2838
>>Tel/voicemail: 023 8077 8830
>>Fax modem (please call first): 023 8034 2838

Dr R C J Carling
90 Charlton Road, Shirley
Southampton SO15 5EW, UK
Tel: 023 8034 2838
Tel/voicemail: 023 8077 8830
Fax modem (please call first): 023 8034 2838


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