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date: Thu Aug 25 09:51:50 2005
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: MACE proposal
to: "Klein Tank, Albert" <>, "Rob Allan" <>, "Craig Donlon" <>, "Chris Folland" <>, "Ag Stephens" <>

Dear All,
I've been through the latest versions, and added in a few comments. I've also
added in a recipient section to each WP. There is a lot of talk about deliverables
and who should get them. I thought it would useful to spell this out for each WP.
Obviously this is just a start.
As for Albert's points:
1. We probably need to begin to contact the WP leaders once agreed. Text lengths
are about right for those that are about half a page.
2. The focus should be on European extremes - the floods and fires now going on
give this a greater sense of urgency. If we can add in something about these events
before Nov 4 then that would be good. I'll have the summer temp averages from 1780
by the end of September.
I feel we need something in on atmospheric chemistry
3. Suggest we define this by lat and long. EMULATE has a window 25-70N by
70W to 50E. We could reduce this to 30W to 50E. A better alternative would be
to say we think globally, but the emphasis will be Europe (geographic), North Africa
Turkey and the Near East. Defining a region with co-ordinates might mean we miss
Svalbard, Iceland, Greenland - but we don't want to define it by members and
accession states.
4. I've tried emphasize that ground-base data and truth are essential for all
satellite and remote-sensed datasets. The example of the MSU mess and
all the recalibrations highlight that satellite data cannot be used without
any chekcks.
5. OK
6. I'd like to include some of this. Not that we will be able to afford much, but
we will know what to do with datasets when others develop them.
7. Agreed.
8. Suggest that IPCC could go into some of the recipient lists. IPCC uses
the scientific literature so that needs to be there for almost all WPs.
At 14:08 23/08/2005, Klein Tank, Albert wrote:

Dear Rob, Craig, Phil, Chris and Ag,
Attached is an update of the MACE proposal. All comments received so far
have been implemented. The new version also contains a suggestion for WP
breakdown with names attached. I have removed the old placeholder
figures, because they clearly led to misunderstanding.
The idea is to use this version of the document (after including your
comments) to contact potential partners asking for feedback and input
(Rob; good to know that Inge and Juerg are keen to be involved). The
highlighted sentences and sections (track changes) relate to parts of
the text which still need some discussion. In particular, the topics
below require your attention:
1) the breakdown in WP's and the suggested names, in particular for the
2) a good and focussed objective and scientific question that MACE
adresses (please comment on my text suggestions).
3) the spatial domain of MACE, which is rather vague now; do we need to
focus more clearly on Europe?
4) the fact that MACE includes only limited work on developing
integrated products from satellites and ground based observations; we
focus on the ground based segment to make that ready for use in
integrated products.
5) the fact that we will go back to the early part of the 20th century.
6) historical data rescue and archaeology are largely outside the scope
7) the example which will be used to illustrate the project's impact is
the European summer of 2003; or should we also include the summer
flooding in 2002 and extreme summer of 2005?
8) the bullet section describing MACE's input to IPCC has been deleted
(it seems rather weak and strange; Rob did you find out what the source

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