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date: Tue Jan 21 17:34:22 2003
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Re: a query ref. Andre D's proposal
to: "Elaine Jones" <>

OK, you're probably right, but if we can get at the heart of an appropriate idea for
Tyndall we should be able to i.d. the right internal partner to be the fundholder.
Could we talk about this and also a couple of other matters on Thursday this week? (I away
tomorrow). Would 2pm be possible?
Other matters would be:
Plans for ECF conference - I have some ideas
SD3 sustainability in practise event
Cranfield business seminars
DTI annual report and strategy for contract renewal
At 18:51 17/01/03 +0000, you wrote:


Been looking at this but, before speaking to Andrew, and before summarising it all, I
suspect that he's not eligible for Tyn.funding himself and that the project would need a
UK University person to lead it ? (I know he has a sort of loose affiliation to CRU but
wouldn't think that is enough)
before I go any further, what do you think ?

The Carbon Disclosure Project - "we would like to work with the Tyn.Centre to develop
our requests beyond there current level"

could be a v.good collaborator
it has US charitable status.
it's a special project of the Philanthropic Collaborative of Rockefeller Philanthropy
Advisors in New York
It's chaired by Tessa Tennant (ex-Head of ethical investment research team at
Henderson's; also 4 cottages on the family's Scottish home estate a Solar Century
project and she won the British Environment and Media Award for Awareness in 2001 for
her work in social investment)
Co-ordinator is a Paul Dickinson (London address)


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