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date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 10:03:59 +0000
from: "Ruddimans" <>
subject: Re: Anything new?
to: Keith Briffa <>

Keith---Wow, sounds like it's totally hopeless at your end. That's
something of a relief at this end! And--as I suspected, Brambatti was lying
about having all the other papers in hand. Who knows what others are

A month or so ago, I did think up a paper I wouldn't mind writing (it would
actually be a bit of fun), and I am at least partially qualified to do it.
It would cite Paul Crutzen's proposal to call the last 200 years the
"Anthropocene", and then go off on a brief summary of precursor things
humans had done pre-1800 AD that were either large in amplitude but less
than global in scale (land-surface changes) or global in scale but small in
amplitude (the latter leading to a brief re-hash of my rice/methane
hypothesis, just published in QSR).

This could be easily done in a few weeks. But for this??? I don't have
much faith in Brambatti, and Morner's chaotic mind could bring any project
to its knees. So--I'll stew awhile, knowing you are still "outstanding'



>From: Keith Briffa <>
>To: "Ruddimans" <>
>Subject: Re: Anything new?
>Date: Thu, Jan 17, 2002, 2:41 PM

>Hi Bill
>the truth is that I DID INTEND to do something short , and said to
>Brambatti that I would. I knew I would be bogged down with masses of more
>important stuff . I now have outstanding -
>Finishing off 2 papers for A special issue of the Holocene and editing
>/polishing 4 others . This is supposed to be in end of January.
>Writing a summary paper for a Swiss Tree-ring conference due in Dec past!
>Writing a similar thing for the PEP3 Nice conference - due in now.
>Writing a whole book chapter on tree-rings for a book by Rick Battarbee
>Finishing a chapter for PAGES synthesis - by Ray me and others - due in a week
>Writing a perspectives piece for Science - at end January
>And to top it all - as from yesterday teaching a course here on Climate
>change for next 3 months.
>So you can see it is all pretty hopeless. I still don't know what form or
>where this Italian thing will appear and Brambatti has been regularly
>contacting me to ask for the paper - the last few messages I have not
>replied to .I do feel a little ( but not a lot) guilty about this but I
>certainly did not know before replying to his invitation , that he wanted a
>paper . I feel I must try and do something but I am reluctant without a
>firm reassurance of what will be published and when . What are you doing then?
>At 09:01 AM 1/17/02 +0000, you wrote:
>>Keith---I got a phone call this week from George Kukla, who had recently
>>gotten an email from Brambatti complaining about not hearing anything from
>>me and claiming that George and I were the only two people left who had not
>>submitted manuscripts for the conference. George likely will get something
>>in fairly soon; I recall he presented a new idea at the conference and would
>>want to see it out. The Brambatti email also said Oldfield had sent
>>something in.
>>So---out of morbid curiosity, what about you? Did you send something in?
>>If so, was it recycled or new? Or if not, do you plan to do so? And when?
>>I still have a major reluctance to putting my name on anything with which
>>Neils Morner is involved, but it looks as if it's getting close to time for
>>me to decide. I do have a general notion for a very short figure-less paper
>>that touches on some aspects of my talk, and could write it up in a month or
>>so, but.........groan.
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