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date: Fri, 16 May 2008 16:29:06 UT
subject: 2008GL034552 (Editor - Fabio Florindo): Request to Review from

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Dear Dr. Jones:
Would you be willing and available to review "Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age type
events in tropical South America inferred from an ice core ammonium record" by Thomas
Kellerhals, Sabina Br�tsch, Michael Sigl, Stefanie Kn�sel, Heinz G�ggeler, and Margit
Schwikowski, submitted for possible publication in the Geophysical Research Letters.
The manuscript's abstract is:
We present a reconstruction of tropical South American temperature anomalies over the last
~1600 years. The reconstruction is based on a highly resolved and carefully dated ammonium
record from an ice core that was drilled in 1999 on Nevado Illimani in the eastern Bolivian
Andes. It reveals that Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age type episodes are
distinguishable in tropical South America, a region for which until now only very limited
temperature proxy data exist. For the time period from about AD 1050 to 1300, our
reconstruction shows relatively warm conditions that are followed by cooler conditions from
the 15th to the 17th century, when temperatures dropped by up to 0.5 degree C below the
1961-1990 average. The last decades of the past millennium are characterized by warm
temperatures that seem to be unprecedented in the last ~1600 years.
If you agree to review this manuscript, I would ask for your comments within 14 days from
your acceptance.
To ACCEPT, click on the link below:
If you are unable to review this manuscript at this time, I would appreciate any
suggestions of other potential reviewers who would be qualified to examine this manuscript.
(Via reply e-mail.)
To DECLINE, click on the link below:
If you have any questions or need more information feel free to reply to this e-mail.
Thank you for your consideration and support of Geophysical Research Letters.
Fabio Florindo
Geophysical Research Letters

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