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date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 19:27:39 -0700
from: "Williams, Larry" <>
subject: RE: Past Millennia Workshop
to: "Christoph Kull" <>

Dear Christoph,

It seems we are all in agreement and this is great news! The next steps
should be straightforward. I am just back from a trip and will send you
further comments tomorrow.

Best wishes from cloudy Palo Alto California,

Larry Williams, Ph.D.
Senior Technical Manager Global Climate
Electric Power Research Institute
Office: 650-855-2695
Fax: 650-855-2950

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From: Christoph Kull []
Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2005 6:04 AM
To: Williams, Larry
Subject: Past Millennia Workshop

Dear Larry,
I am happy to let you know that all involved persons (the organizing
committee as well as the scientific steering committee leaders of
PAGES/CLIVAR) are absolutely positive about the participation of EPRI in
the organization of this event.
Thanks a lot for your effort!
The comments (see below), we received from your side about the
scientific organization do absolutely match with our idea of this

>> pleased to see an agenda that would fit our needs very well. The
>> general scientific thrust outlined in your draft is right on target.
>> The additional benefits from our point of view are:
>> 1. excellent scientific leadership
>> 2. excellent proposed attendees (I recognize many-not all-names on
>> your list)
>> 3. workshop leading to peer-reviewed paper.
>> 4. cosponsorship by other funders-not just EPRI providing the
>> budget
>> The main additional features that I would like to propose would be:
>> 4. brief report on the workshop (cut and paste from the paper?)
>> with an emphasis on creating a list of the most important
>> researchable topics needed to advance the field. The main objective
>> of this report and list would be to use it as a guide for EPRI in
>> funding follow-on research in this area. We can discuss this further
at some later time.
>> 5. Acknowledgement of Electric Power Research Institute financial
>> support in the paper and for the meeting.

Of course we will be able and happy to include the requested additional
features (points 4 and 5 above). Please let me know if there are some
other issues to discuss.

Regarding the further process:
- The scientific content of the workshop seems to be definitive. As you
may imagine, it was quite a task merging the different ideas of how to
best address this "hot topic".

- also the location as well as the timing of the event are already
There are two possibilities (7-10 June or 18-21 June, before or just
after the Holivar meeting in London -; dates may
probably shift by one day). The event will be logistically organized by
the PAGES IPO somewhere in the Bernese Oberland - Swiss Alps.

Of course there are still a few points to discuss:

- are you the primary EPRI contact for the further process in organizing
the event and may I include you in the communication regarding the

- PAGES has a budget of 10k$ to support the workshop. There is of course
quite a substantial contribution necessary if we plan to end up with 25
to 30 participants. Basically, we will have to plan the event depending
on the available total funding. Do you already know how EPRI plans the

- Once we have sorted out those details, we will have to contact the
possible participants and quickly have to start with the logistical
arrangements for the workshop venue.

Anyway, we may figure out the organizational details bilaterally between
EPRI and the PAGES office in the near future!

Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration!

All the best, thanks a lot and greetings from sunny Bern!

Christoph Kull
Science Officer
Sulgeneckstrasse 38
CH-3007 Bern

phone: +4131 312 31 53/33
fax: +4131 312 31 68

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