Monday, March 5, 2012


date: 31 Dec 08 04:05:11 EST
from: RIMSAdminatXYZxyzDoe.Gov
subject: RIMS Action Required

This is an auto email reminder that is sent as a courtesy to let researchers
know when a progress report is due. A progress report is required in order for
us to process the next increment of funding on your award. The URL for the
RIMS web site is: Please log in
and submit your progress report within the next 30 days for the following
award. (Please note that delays may jeopardize the continuity of funding.)

Title: Climate Data Analysis and Models for the Study of Natural Variability and Anthropogenic Change
Project ID 0004129
Prog Mgr Anjuli S. Bamzai Phone: 301-903-0294 Division: SC-23.3
PI: Phil D. Jones
Award Register#: ER62601

If, however, you are at the end of your project period and all funds have been
received, you should simply submit a brief, final progress report via RIMS for
our reporting purposes. You will also need to submit a full final technical
report (this includes any conference proceedings and papers) via the DOE
Energy Link (E-Link)

A note about multiple requests for progress reports:
Please note that this message is separate from any other 'RIMS request' that you may have recently
received. This progress request is for funding purposes and is intended for the project manager's
review, therefore it may contain more technical language than an abstract, which is intended for a more general audience. You will receive a separate request from OSTI for an updated abstract. With the exception of the initial request for an abstract, this will be scheduled at the beginning of your project period and will only be required once during a project period.

If you need a RIMS User ID and password or if you have questions regarding your RIMS user id and password,
please email Karen Carlson-Brown at

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