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date: Mon Oct 19 16:44:47 2009
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: [Fwd: D'Arrigo et al 2006]
to: Rob Wilson <>, Keith Briffa <>

This might constitute joining the Team - although as I said the Team doesn't exist!
I doubt JGR/AGU will follow this up.
At 16:35 19/10/2009, Rob Wilson wrote:

Oh brother!!!
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Subject: D'Arrigo et al 2006
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 11:00:21 -0400
From: Steve McIntyre [1]<>
To: 'Colin O'Dowd' [2]<>
CC: Rosanne D'Arrigo [3]<>
Dear Dr O'Dowd,

In fall 2005, I corresponded with you in your capacity as Editor, JGR seeking data for
D'Arrigo et al 2006 (then submitted), which was being cited by IPCC WG1. In that email,
I referred to AGU policies for data citation and data archiving
[4] which requires that data cited in AGU pulications
be located in a permanent archive.

Despite this correspondence, the data archive for D'Arrigo et al 2006 remains abysmally
incomplete. There is no data section describing where the data sets referenced in
their Table 1 can be located. Indeed, for some of the regional composites, there is
not even any information on which sites are included in the regional composite nor is
the measurement data for individual sites available (e.g. Coastal Alaska, Central NWT
and others.) Nor are the "chronologies" that result from the analysis carried out in
the paper archived.

I request that you take steps to ensure compliance with AGU data archiving policies by
ensuring that proper listing of the sites for each Table 1 composite is provided and
that the measurement data for each such site is located in a public archive.

There is also an important error in the description of a key series. For the RCS
chronology labelled "POL", core counts are shown for the Polar Urals site, while the RCS
chronology actually shown is from a different site entirely (Yamal), which has much
lower replication in the modern period.

Steve McIntyre

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