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date: Fri Oct 1 13:22:38 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: Fwd: Your question
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Dear All,
Thanks for all the replies. Apologies for only a short reply. The issues will be
addressed on Oct 6 when the AGG of AOPC have a conference call. Dick and I will
try and sort out the issue when we meet Oct 10-12. We'll try and cover all the issues.
All this will hopefully sort out the AWSs you run. It is up to Howard though for the
manned stations through NOAA. As long as as much data as possible gets into the
READER archives, we can come up with a consistent method. The paper on the READER
project is now out in J. Climate and an up-to-date summary of Antarctic trends will appear
in the next few months in IJC.
I will alert as many people/groups as I can of the issues. Antarctica will end up as
continent with most of its data readily available !

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The e-mail system said some of these did not go.
Second try.
Richard K. Thigpen
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Dear Matt, et al
I am far from being an expert but I did a bit of checking yesterday as
you requested. I spoke with the staff of the WCP and the WWW as well.
The actual format for the CLIMAT is described in 306 manual on Codes
Vol lI.1 Part A Section FM-71-X
I suspect you have it in your library, or should, but I can send that
section if there are any doubts. As far as I know the software produces
the correct format.
Then the Guide to Meteorological Practices
WMO No. 100 (1983)
Section 8.2.1 describes the computation of mean pressure and
temperature (same method) The average of the 24 direct observations with
a note that the mean of 4 equally spaced observations may suffice.
I just received my copy on a new handbook prepared by the [1]WWW. It is:
Handbook on CLIMAT and CLIMAT TEMP reporting
WMO/TD No. 1188 (2004)
It indicates the mean monthly temperature is the mean of the daily
means, and the daily means are derived from either 4 (synoptic) or 8
(synoptic plus intermediate times) observations.
I am not sure how to get you a copy of this later handbook yet as it is
just being completed. I will find out and let you know.
In November the WWW will conduct a workshop in Moscow based on this new
handbook and the CLIREP spftware. This is the first of such workshops
and is held in Moscow because the authors of both the handbook and
CLIREP are Russian.
Richard K. Thigpen
GCOS Secretariat
41 22 730-8012 (in Geneva)

Prof. Phil Jones
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