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cc: Phil Jones <>, "k.briffa Briffa" <>
date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 11:49:18 +0100
from: David Viner <>
subject: Letter to the Guardian
to: "Vincent Chris Prof ((ENV)) e470" <>

Dear Chris

Just writing in response to Alan Kendall's letter that has appeared in today's Guardian
(this is his second letter). Whilst Alan may have his own personal views on
climate change (that are not supported by the science) I do not believe he should be using
our School's affiliation on these letters. When I have had letters published in newspapers
that are my opinion and not based upon my work I use my personal address. Alan's letter
can not be supported by any work that has been published by this school and, I believe,
therefore should not be affiliated to our school.



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