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cc: Kevin Trenberth <>, Peter Ambenje <>, Roxana Bojariu <>, David Easterling <>, David Parker <>, Fatemeh Rahimzadeh <>, Jim Renwick <>, Matilde Rusticucci <>, Brian Soden <>, Panmao Zhai <>, Albert Klein Tank <>
date: Fri Feb 4 14:44:57 2005
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: Zero order draft of Chapter 3, AR4, IPCC
to: Kevin Trenberth <>,

Dear All,
One additional aspect of the ZODs, is that some of you are our link points
to other chapters. For example, if I recall correctly, Dave Easterling agreed to
be our link to the cryospshere chapter (#4) particularly for snowfall. So where
you have that responsibility you'll need to download and look through that chapter
as well, to see if we have overlapping material and we're self consistent.
Additionally Albert and Matilde took responsibility for our two CQs. I know
I rewrote CQ 3.2 at the very last minute and heavily edited CQ 3.1, but it would
probably help if you two could look at the other CQ answers. As this involves
downloading all the chapters, I would suggest you limit yourselves to the
most relevant chapters (at least to Ch 3). So just look at Ch 1, 4, 5, 6 and 9.
I'm going to be away for much of the next three weeks, so don't expect any
quick responses to emails.
At 15:50 03/02/2005, Kevin Trenberth wrote:

Dear CA
The zero order draft of Chapter 3 of the WG1 IPCC AR4 report is now available. Your
contribution has helped us put together this draft, and we thank you very much.
However, it is NOT yet the first draft; we recognize that it is incomplete in some
places (for instance where some CAs did not come through, or through oversight), and we
have not even reviewed it fully ourselves, given the tight timetable. So we are seeking
constructive comments and your assistance on developing the first draft. What is most
helpful is for you to suggest new text and references, and explicit changes. Not "such
and such" is bad or needs fixing. We can not promise to use the new text because there
are 60 CAs who may well suggest different things. We also have to limit page numbers,
so we especially welcome suggestions for shortening. If you care to rewrite a section
more succinctly, then we will gladly consider it. The figures are all preliminary and
will be thoroughly examined in Beijing in May, so suggestions of improved or more recent
figures are welcomed. We also welcome copies of any papers submitted or referred to.
I am sending this out in two parts. This part has the text attached as a pdf. It
is order 1 MB. The second part includes the figures, many in color, and it is 3.7 MB.
We need you comments by 1 April 2005 at the latest. If you prefer to focus only on the
section in which your contribution appeared, then that is fine, but you are welcome to
comment on other parts as well. If you can not comment or prefer not to for some reason
or another, a message to that effect would also be welcomed so we can track responses.
Please send your comments, preferably in word, with your name on each page, and
clear identification of section, page and line number or figure number. You may like to
make a comment, followed by explicit suggestion for addition or change. Please do
justify and argue why the change is needed. Please send comments to Kevin Trenberth
and Phil Jones, who will assemble them.

Many thanks for your help
Kevin Trenberth
Phil Jones
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