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date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 17:13:10 -0000
from: "Susie Hodge" <>
subject: Global warming
to: <>

Dear Keith

Hope you don't mind my emailing you. I'm an author and am writing a book for children (age
11-14) on Global Warming for Ticktock Media Ltd. The book is to have a feature on each
spread, which will explain either specialist research projects or the job of a specialist

If you have the time - and please don't spend long! Can you please give me a little bit of
information on any of the following?

1. What your job is

2. How you got into it - the career path for someone taking your specialisation

3. What specialist projects are you working on re: global warming

4. What equipment and skills do you use?

5. Are your answers instant or do they involve days or even years of analysis?

6. Is your current work part of a long-term ongoing programme?

7. How many of you work on the same thing?

8. Any amazing/unexpected discoveries?

9. Likes/dislikes relating to your work

10. Most important work on this area?

Plus/or anything else that you think children of 11-14 should know on the subject!

As I say, if you don't have time, or if you don't want to be named in a book, I completely
understand. If you can answer any of those things though, thank you in advance!

Thank you for your time anyway and good luck with your work.

Best wishes

Susie (Hodge)

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