Monday, March 12, 2012


date: Tue, 23 Sep 97 09:36:26 +0500
from: "Tatiana M. Dedkova" <>
subject: from Shiyatov

Dear Keith,

I have been consulted with officials of my Bank concerning the
question of your Bank and they explaned to me the next: the Bank in
Ekaterinburg where I have an account is the Urals Branch of the
Mosbusinessbank. The Mosbusinessbank is located in Moscow. That is why
there are two numbers for the Mosbuisnessbank, one for Intermediary
Bank (Moscow) and one for Beneficiary's Bank (Ekaterinburg). The
officials of my Bank asked me to send you and your Bank the next
information which must take away this misunderstanding:

INTERMEDIARY BANK:/ Mosbusinessbank 15, Kuznetsky Most, Moscow,
103780, Russia.

BENEFICIARY'S BANK:/ 0010843136, Urals Branch of Mosbusinessbank,
Ekaterinburg, Russia.

BENEFICIARY:/ 001711013, Stepan Shiyatov.

Last year I received money through the same Bank and I have no any
problems. I repeart the necessary information to transfer money for
my account.

"Pay USD (sum) to the account of Mosbusinessbank N 04-093-945 with
Bankers Trust Co., New York, USA for Urals Branch of Mosbusinessbank,
Ekaterinburg, Russia, N 0010893136 in favour of account 001711013
Stepan Shiyatov".

The Russian bank rules ask additional details (words) in one position
of transfer document : "voluntaries (or humanitarian) instalment (or
payment) for EC Project Advance REF AG1190/482- 38 ENV 4CT950127".
It will give me the possibility to avoid a high taxation.

Sincerely yours
Stepan Shiyatov

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