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date: Tue, 13 May 2008 09:55:39 -0400
from: David Easterling <>
subject: JGR paper etc.
to: Phil Jones <>


Just letting you know I reviewed the paper
Urbanization effects in large-scale temperature trends, with an emphasis
on China
excellent paper.

Also I have a question regarding a certain
skeptic named Stephen Wilde. I get emails from google when their
web crawler finds mention of "global warming" and one was about
an article in one of the right wing news web sites called something
like "The truth on global warming and global cooling" by Stephen
Wilde. Typical skeptics hogwash, but it claims he is a
Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society since 1968, but he is not
listed in the Fellows of the RMS so is he a fraud?

Last I am thinking about doing a short cautionary piece maybe for Science or
Nature, looking at short trends (e.g.
"the last 10 years show global cooling") and how they can lead to incorrect
conclusions. Ron Stouffer showed a 10 year or so section of one of their
A1B runs that
has a strong downward trend, but the overall trend, of course, is
warming of about
3C or so. I would also use sections from a control run to show that even
an unforced
climate can produce decade long trends both up and down. Thoughts?


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