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date: Fri Apr 29 09:25:08 2005
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: AGG Recommendations
to: Hans Teunissen <>

This email bounced from Bruno's site. His email is
Rudolf Bruno <>. Is Bruno on AGG?
Probably doesn't matter as you'll send out the AGG
recommendations to all of AOPC soon. Maybe you can
highlight the extra things people said they would (e.g
Carolina, she may be the only one) follow up.
Attached is David's file with a few additional changes.
1. OK to have unique in the section on Calculation of mean monthly stats.
2. I've removed the tongue-in-cheek sentence. I still expect Tom to send details
to Mike at the end of September though.
3. I would go with your suggestion of adding Willis Is. to the GUAN, so approach
Australia. Keep Townsville in the network though.
4. Finally wrt certificates, the AGG report should include the values for X and Y
finally used by Tom to decide which GSN and GUAN sites get which stars on their
At 14:45 28/04/2005, Parker, David (Met Office) wrote:

Thanks. I have made a few changes which don't relate to your comments
I think the 2nd paragraph under GUAN on page 5 aims to check that
stations haven't become silent. If there are, say, 8 stations missing in
each month, then if these stations differ from month to month then the
stations are not silent, whereas if the same stations are always
missing, then they are silent.
I'm easy about Willis Island.
On Thu, 2005-04-28 at 13:16, Hans Teunissen wrote:
> Phil:
> Attached for your (and AGGs) comment is a copy of the AGG recs from
> the AOPC session, following my copy editing of your version of
> Thursday 14th. A few queries/commets:
> - I added the adjective 'unique' in the first sentence in first para
> under 'Calculation of mean monthly statistics....' (p.2), in deference
> to the 'advice' provided by things such as the Guide to Climatological
> Practices (1983) (which in fact suggests it 'both' ways, depending on
> the circumstances); or do you want to keep it as strong as it is now?
> - I assume 2nd para under C) (p.3) is tongue-in-cheek....?
> - what does 2nd para under GUAN (p.5) mean?
> - I've added the 5th para shown under GUAN on p. 5. I think it was
> discussed, but perhaps outside the 'main' meeting. Willis Island has
> been fully refurbished, at considerable expense, and it would be very
> helpful to Australia for us to request its inclusion. We could ask for
> it to *replace* Townsville, but I for one think that would be a
> mistake - better to have 'over dense' than to regret having dropped a
> station that's free to us (for now, anyway). Does AGG agree with what
> I've put there? If so, the SG will write to Australia PR requesting
> that Willis Island be added to GUAN.
> I'll finalize this version and send to all AOPC as soon as I have your
> (and others') responses/comments.
> Cheers,
> Hans.
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