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date: Wed Jul 14 15:20:27 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: here we go again
to: "Jenkins, Geoff" <>, "Folland, Chris" <>, "Parker, David" <>, "Stott, Peter" <>

Dear All,

I was warned to this a couple of days ago by Mike Mann. The pdf to get the
report is
I've already had Paul Rincon from BBC News online on the phone, asking me about this
new paper ! I told him there wasn't a story, but I still had a long chat with him. I sent
a copy of my Reviews of Geophysics paper and he may still do something, but he will
get back to me first. I also told him there wasn't a paper. I suggest you do the same
if called.
If you look at the pdf from the NCPA (the above link) you'll see how bad the piece is. I
nothing to do with the 1998 or 1999 papers. The 2003 GRL paper was not an update - but an
alternate one using less series, only those that extended back into the 1st millennium.
The 2003
paper by M+M was published before the M+J paper came out ! The borehole issue is
totally unrelated. I could go on and on !

We may need to be on guard for press interest in this one me feels&. Comments and
opinions welcome as ever!


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