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date: Fri, 23 May 2003 10:19:17 -0600
from: Dale Kellogg <>
subject: AR4 Cross-Cutting Theme on Uncertainty and Risk

<x-rich><excerpt><color><param>0000,0000,0000</param>Dear Dr. Hulme:

As part of its planning for the Fourth Assessment (AR4) the IPCC has
agreed to consider a number of cross-cutting themes, each of which is
a possible cross-cutting focus for consideration by some of the
authors in more than one of the Working Group reports.

The themes being considered are:

1. Uncertainty and risk

2. Regional integration

3. Water

4. Key vulnerabilities (including issues relating to
Article 2 of the UNFCCC)

5. Adaptation and mitigation

6. Sustainable development

7. Technology

Scoping papers are now being prepared to elaborate how these themes
might be used in the assessment. These scoping papers are expected to
be from 5 to 20 pages in length and are to be reviewed by a small
number of experts before being considered further at the Second
Scoping meeting for the AR4 in September.

We would be very grateful if you would agree to act as a reviewer for
the scoping paper on the Uncertainty and risk theme. The review period
will be from the first week of June to June 27th.

Given the potential importance these themes to the assessment process
we believe it is important that they be subject to careful review. It
would be especially helpful if your review would help us to evaluate
the likelihood that such a theme would be useful in cutting across
Working Group reports, and provide any requirements that you may see
for ensuring a sound, scientific basis for such cross-cutting. We
believe that you can aid us in carrying out such a careful review and
in doing so you would be helping us to improve the quality of the

Could you please confirm by May 30 whether you are able to assist us
with this review.


Susan Solomon and Qin Dahe, co-chairs, WGI</color>


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