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cc: "WCWang" <>
date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 21:05:41 -0500
from: "Wei-Chyung Wang" <>
subject: SUNYA draft report & action items
to: "Thomas.R.Karl" <>, <>

Tom and Phil,

Attached is the subject report dated 2/14, which I received last Saturday (2/16). I need
to provide my comments to add to the report for the record. Please keep it confidential.
I tried to call Tom this morning, but could not connect both at home and to cell phone.

In the last couple of days, I have talked with Professor Zeng (in Beijing) twice and Phil
once. I briefed Phil about the Committee findings and Phil told me that he has submitted
his recent study on temperature trends in China to GRL, I received the pdf file just a
couple of hours ago. Thanks. The best point is that the station moves of whatever the
42-pairs did not matter when compared with the values from 728-stations with adjustment

On the Zeng side, I have specifically asked her to prepare:

(1) a table indicating:

--that which of the 42-stations are from the 60-station network where the station history
are explicitly included in the DOE report;

--that she has examined station history of all others, of course, belonging to the
205-stations network. She told me today, to her best knowledge that six-stations have no
moves recorded in the station history, while the rest had "few" moves.

(2) a written description about what are the factors and considerations she used to select
the stations based on the station history. It is too bad that the original notes were no
longer with her because of her office moves since 1990.

After reading the draft report and the above information, I would like to know from you two
(be specific please, see below), the inputs I should provide to the Committee before
2/28. I intend to answer (refer to page 3 of the draft report):

(a) some stations for which there is no evidence of a change in location;

(b) needs inputs!

(c) is this a statement or question?

(d) I will emphasize that we are talking about 1989-90 study using 1954-1983 during which
China is poor; China economy really took off around mid-1990s. To Phil: Please provide a
few sentences about your recent study indicating that the station move do not matter. I am
going to mention explicitly that Phil has agreed to let the study results (in particular
figure 6) be used at this stage.

Let me know if I have missed any points which need to be brought up. I am leaving on 2/26
to Taipei for an Academia Sinica meeting and will be back 3/10. Certainly, I will call you



PS My phone contacts: 518-369-4417 (Cell); 518-372-1598 (H); 518-437-8708 (O)

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